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A Human Centred Design Approach for Sales

Utilising a Client-centric Framework to Build Sales

Langue:  English
This book guides you through an effective and easy to follow framework to help you develop and grow your sales, by using a human centred design approach to develop a more client centric mindset.
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Readers of this book will be taken through a hands-on and practical approach to better understand your clients, their challenges and opportunities, their individual and company ambitions and goals, all from their perspective. You will then analyse your strengths and weaknesses against your competitors and finally identify where the best place is for you to play, in order to strengthen your client relationships and grow your sales. Readers will have the opportunity to build out a pursuit sales strategy for a client, as they progress.

About the Author

Charmian Grove is a senior sales coach, with experience in both sales and consulting. She uses human-centred design principles to help teams better understand their clients, coaching them to develop more successful proposals, to solve their clients' most complex client challenges.She has designed and facilitated virtual sales training for a national audience, covering content ranging from basic best sales practices, opportunity origination and development, to creating winning oral presentations.She is recognised for excelling at bringing disparate groups together from the corporate and public sector to collaborate and create a shared vision and actions for the future, using human-centred design workshops.Before working for a top-tier consulting firm in Australia, she led commercial sales teams at Getty Images in New York and ran her own Singapore-based commercial photo agency.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. What is Human Centred Design?
    1. The Origins of Human Centred Design
  2. Developing a Deep Understanding of Your Client’s Current State
    1. Your Client’s Challenges and Opportunities
  3. Understanding your Client’s Future Aspirations
    1. Individual Agendas versus Company Ambitions and Goals
  4. Strengths and Weaknesses
    1. Your Experience
  5. Ensuring you are Offering Something Unique
    1. What is the problem you are solving for?
  6. Creating an Engaging Pitch or Presentation
    1. Who is your Audience?
  7. Playback and Feedback
    1. Methods for Gaining Valuable Input
  • Conclusion
  • References
A propos de l'auteur

Charmian Grove