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Write a Successful Job Application & CV

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Learn a new and simple model for writing a selling job application, CV, and personal letter and become successful in your job search.
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Are you searching for a new job? Do you have difficulties to write a selling application letter, CV and a personal letter? Then this book is the perfect book for you. You will learn all about this new and easy model to write a selling job application, CV, and personal letter. This application/CV model has been well-proven since 2009, with a very positive response and good results.Let us bring out the best of you, and find your dream job!

  1. About the author
    1. My story
  2. New way of writing your job application letter— CV — personal letter
    1. The model and different parts
  3. Application letter
    1. How do I respond to a job advertisement?
    2. Job application - social and pleasant receptionist
    3. Example of job application
  4. CV is your ‘hardware’
    1. CV structure
  5. The personal letter is your “software”
    1. Forms of personal letter
  6. Personal touch on your application
  7. Checklist
  8. Feedback
  9. Final words
About the Author

Helena Walkendorff