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Work / Life Balance

How Individuals Assess Work Life Balance

Daryl Beesley BSc
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Language:  English
An Applied Research Project covering work / life balance.
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An Applied Research Project covering work / life balance and the modern workplace. Results show how survey completers viewed different aspects of work / life balance in comparison to the author’s own personal view.

About the Author

Daryl Beesley BSc has been on a learning journey to help him to crescendo and write this book. In 2005 after speaking to an audience of around 160 guests his co-presenter got stage fright and Daryl covered for both of them! This led to the first of several leadership development events he was invited to and ignited his passion for learning further. He has achieved various degrees in Business and Management as well as Strategic Management. At the time of writing, he is half way through studying for a Master’s degree in Strategic Management.

  • About the author
  • Introduction, aims and objectives
  • Literature Review
  1. Methodology
    1. Research approach
    2. Research design
    3. Research methods
    4. Data collection
    5. Ethical issues
    6. Reliability and validity of the study
  2. Limitations
  3. Analysis and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • Work / life balance in practice: tips for the reader
  • Work / Life balance strategies
  • References