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Women in the Workplace

The History, the Journey and the Future We Create

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This book is an attempt to provoke critical thinking to support continuous change toward equality. I hope it will spark a meaningful conversation and provide tools to navigate the challenge.
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For years, people have encouraged me to write a book that speaks directly to women, offering insights and solutions to our challenges. And now, I am thrilled to announce that this book is a reality. It is not just for women, however. This book is a bite-sized content attempt to provoke critical thinking and suggest new ways of thinking to support continuous change toward equality. I hope it will spark a meaningful conversation and provide practical tools to navigate even the most challenging situations. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and experiences as we embark on this journey together.

About the Author

Lucy Kovalova-Woods: strategist, business development professional, management consultant, mentor for solo-preneurs and individuals who are pursuing change. Co-founder of Woods Kovalova Group, Change Ambassador.

Throughout her career, Lucy has been fortunate to work within different business fields, in different roles. She has always been curious to try new things and add something more to the business. She is an innovator and hard worker.

All the steps, all the roads lead to the goal. It is crucial to understand this goal from the beginning, which is almost impossible when you are 16 or 18 years old, dreaming of what you will be when you grow up. Life changes everything, but once you have a vision and a goal, or even some mirage of this vision or goal, the key is to work hard and take the career steps towards them.

Lucy is happy to share her experience through books and assist other people in their career and business journeys. She will be glad to hear your thoughts on the subject after you finish reading them.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Let the Story Begin
    1. You, Equality and Workplace
    2. We’ve Come a Long Way. The History Behind
    3. The difference we Face, Witness, and Create
  2. ‘You’ and The Workplace
    1. Assess Your Abilities
    2. The Skillset You Need in a Modern Workplace
    3. Managing Emotions
    4. Career Transition
  3. The True ’You’ That Makes Things Happen and Change Begin
    1. Trials and Errors
    2. The ‘Real You’ – Embracing Individuality
    3. Better you. The List of Truths
  4. Your Options and Your Part
    1. Starting Your Own Business
    2. Re-assessing Your Career Path and Your Vision
    3. Life-Work Balance
    4. Your Way to Be a Part of Change
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Lucy Kovalova-Woods