Using Stories in Presentations

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Learn about the power of storytelling and how and why our brain likes hearing stories.
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Sandy Leong set up her training business, Sahara Consultancy UK Ltd, - now rebranded as MyTrainingResources, over 25 years ago. She started it at her kitchen table in response to the problems of childcare and the need to be more flexible in her working life, and also having a passion to achi

Telling stories is a compelling way of presenting because audiences can relate to them. Stories have a unique power to entertain, inform and teach in a way that everybody enjoys.
Learn about the power of storytelling and how and why our brain likes hearing stories. Consider the formula of a good story and how to choose the right one for your different audiences. Write and tell a great brand story if you are a business. Importantly learn how to tell a good story and add to its’ impact by illustrating it.

About the author

Sandy Leong is an international speaker, with a particular interest in the power of storytelling. She speaks to a diverse range of audiences including, Historical Societies, U3A’s, The Arts Society, WI’s and many others. She is a sought-after speaker at conferences and also an after-dinner speaker.
Sandy spends a lot of her time delivering talks on board cruise ships, sailing to some wonderful destinations around the world.
She is also a well-respected trainer passionate about teaching others to become successful speakers.

  • Introduction
  • About the Author
  1. Using stories in presentations
  2. The power of storytelling
  3. The formula of a good story
  4. Different stories for different purposes
  5. Telling brand stories
  6. How to tell a good story
  7. Illustrating your story
  • Conclusion