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Top 10 Skills of the Future and How to Build Them

Lifelong Learning for the 21st Century Workplace

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Discover what the top 10 skills of the future are and how to build them for your accelerated professional and organizational success.
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In TOP 10 SKILLS OF THE FUTURE AND HOW TO BUILD THEM, discover the essential abilities that will pave the way to success in today’s rapidly changing professional landscape. This unique guide delves into the ten crucial skills needed to thrive in the 21st century workplace. From effective communication and collaboration to problem-solving and adaptability, you’ll learn how to explore the complexities of a dynamic world. Uncover the key to developing leadership qualities, fostering creativity, and mastering digital competence.

About the Author

Felix Concepcion Veroya is a champion of lifelong learning, innovation, analytics, sustainability, continuous improvement, and Industrial Engineering in the Philippines. He is an internationally awarded educator, engineer, and entrepreneur. His community projects have reached more than 20,000 recipients through various lifelong learning modalities across the globe. Felix helps young professionals to capitalize on their personal strengths through his ABC (Assess – Build – Capitalize) Model. He believes that anyone can be #significantlybetter through accessible and sustainable lifelong learning.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. The Top 10 Skills of the Future
  2. Communication as an Indispensable Skill
    1. Mastering Communication: Frequently Asked Questions about Communication Skills
  3. Collaboration as Enabler of Greater Things
    1. Mastering Collaboration: Frequently Asked Questions about Collaboration Skills
  4. Complex Problem Solving to Simplify Things
    1. Mastering Complex Problem-Solving: Frequently Asked Questions about Complex Problem-Solving Skills
  5. Adaptability to Thrive in a Fast-Changing World
    1. Mastering Adaptability: Frequently Asked Questions about Adaptability
  6. Leadership
    1. Mastering Leadership: Frequently Asked Questions about Leadership Skills
  7. Creativity
    1. Mastering Creativity: Frequently Asked Questions about Creativity
  8. Digital Literacy
    1. Mastering Digital Literacy: Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Literacy
  9. Critical Thinking
    1. Mastering Critical Thinking: Frequently Asked Questions about Critical Thinking
  10. Project Management
    1. Mastering Project Management: Frequently Asked Questions about Project Management
  11. Change Management
    1. Mastering Change Management: Frequently Asked Questions about Change Management
    • Conclusion

Learn to identify and grow key future skills Use new strategies to improve communication and teamwork Embrace creativity and lifelong learning to succeed in changing environments

About the Author

Felix C. Veroya