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The way to Revolutionary Leadership

A Primer for Leadership Development & Problem Solving

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The Way to Revolutionary Leadership book will help you becoming that and add to your existing tools to become the best leader. Learn how to work at making a difference in your life sphere. Enjoy.
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The Way to Revolutionary Leadership is a book for anyone aspiring to take on the important task of being and becoming a better leader. It inspires you to become the best leader you can be and if you are already exercising leadership to become the best you can be leader; to make a difference in the world. The book provides valuable proven insights that have served others in the past move into the role of leadership. Theory and helpful readable discussion on leadership and things for “would be leaders” to keep in their minds eye are entertained throughout the book. Enjoy.

About the author

My name is Antonio Cardona. I thank you and I am very glad you have chosen my book to read!

So we get to know each other, here is a little about me:

I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking and working with "leaders". I thought I write a book that would use that information to help others that wish to try their hand at leading – much like you are now doing by picking up this book.

Currently serve as the EEO/AA Officer for the State of New Jersey in the United States; where I conduct Equal Employment and Human Resources Management investigations for management. I serve to support and advise senior managers/supervisors and some senior staff in ensuring our human resources outreach and our diversity compliment is appropriate. In a way, I provide the right “motivation” and “leadership” in this area.

  1. About the author 
  2. A Few Introductory Words 
  3. Leadership and Enhancing Leadership Potential – So you want to be a Leader 
  4. Leadership Defined 
  5. No Formal Title – Required for Leading? 
  6. True Leadership – What is it look Like? 
  7. Group Dynamics Process 
  8. Social Loafing 
  9. Leadership Myths 
  10. Leadership – Enhancing the Lessons of Personal Experience 
  11. On Followers 
  12. What to do? 
  13. Leadership and Education 
  14. Assessing Leadership and Measuring Effect 
  15. The Notion of Power and Influence 
  16. What is the Significance Principle? 
  17. Significance Leadership Building Element 
  18. Leadership, Values and Working Preferences 
  19. Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance 
  20. Strengthening Vision Statements 
  21. Leadership tools of the trade 
  22. Formal Risk Analysis and Risk Management 
  23. Some Selected Recommended and Suggested Readings 

About the Author

Antonio Cardona