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The Village That Could

An inspirational tale of resilience in challenging times

The Village That Could
4,8 (29 arvioinnit) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-403-0392-6
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Frank Williams ★★★★★

Awesome, inspiring little book. Very easy to read. I just wanted to have a glance at it and before I knew, I was on the last chapter.

Ravinder ★★★★★

An excellent read where one can easily relate to the story. And the takeaways are so relevant for all our situations we come across in life !!

Elizabeth Kariuki ★★★★★

This is a beautiful book that revitalizes anybody who is going through challenges in their lives. It gives them the added impetus to believe in themselves and find creative solutions to their problems. It both entertains and resonates warmly with anybody willing to read it. I loved it from cover to cover and I will keep reading it whenever I need to re-energize.

Isaac Edgar Phiri ★★★★★

Awesome and inspiring book. It offers an insight into life's small details, which one tends to overlook.

smita naram ★★★☆☆

I read this fantastic story in one go and can't wait to share it with people in my organisation and my family.


This entertaining story could change your life. You could just read it for fun, but there’s more to it than you might expect. The 15 ways to develop your resilience are based on the experiences of people who have faced hardship and thrived, and on extensive research on resilient people and groups, published over the last 30 years. The Village That Could is ideal for individuals, teams and organisations wanting to achieve more when the going gets tough.


This is a story about overcoming adversity with resilience, or mental toughness.

It could just amuse you—or change your life.

You can use the 15 ideas in the story at work, looking for work, in study, sport, leadership, and in your relationships, including parenting. They work just as well for teams and families.

The story comes with apologies to Shakespeare, some of the finest orators of the past century and to The Little Red Hen. But the story is much more than it may seem.

Its 15 key ideas are based on the experiences of people who have faced hardship and thrived, and on extensive research published over the past 30 years. Those studies have revealed valuable information about what makes people resilient when the going gets tough.

We can all develop our resilience and the research shows that there are other benefits: not only more persistence, motivation and happiness, but better relationships, health and even a longer life.

Challenging times make focusing on resilience seem especially appropriate, but its flipside, depression and anxiety have been increasing through the boom years too. Depression is now 10 times more prevalent than in the 1960s. Even by the 1980s the average American child was more anxious than the average psychiatric patient of the 1950s.

For most of us, resilience is useful every day, regardless of the economic climate. Depending on our fragility, we may lose our equilibrium when a project is behind schedule, we don’t achieve a target, a presentation to a group doesn’t go well, or a colleague or partner criticises us, or something we’ve done.

As you read the story you will recognise skills you already have, but don’t think of them as boxes to tick. Most of us do bounce back from adversity or feelings of hopelessness. What really matters is how quickly.

When we are not anxious or feeling down, it’s easy to continue our rose-tinted assessment of ourselves. We say, ‘Oh I always do that. I’m very positive. I always see my glass as half-full.’ That may be true, but it’s very human, and perfectly healthy, to be unrealistic about our sense of control, our success, influence, popularity and abilities. It’s so human that one study suggested that 85 per cent of men believe that they have above-average social skills. More than half of drivers believe they are above average. That’s not possible.

It can be more useful to try to remember those occasions when we didn’t handle situations well. We can learn most from those times when adversity distressed us so much that we were dragged down by negative thoughts and felt more like a victim than a problem-solver.

See if you can make more of the ideas in the story, in a focused way, in every part of your life, despite setbacks, doubts and doubters.

At the end of the story you’ll find more about the key ideas of this book and some suggestions for putting them into action.


Before we begin...

  1. The words that chilled them all
  2. Seven go into the forest
  3. Celebrations
  4. Tensions in the village
  5. The four secrets of happiness
  6. The villagers discover the truth
  7. A surprising idea emerges
  8. Two learn the art of persuasion
  9. A new era begins
  10. Put the 15 key ideas into action
  11. The 15 ways to develop your resilience
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