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The 3 Secrets of the Art of Storytelling

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With this book, you will reconnect with the magic and power of stories. Here, you will discover 3 secrets to infuse life into your communication, find your voice, and narrate your own hero's journey.
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Telling stories is the most powerful tool to infuse life into your communication. Skillful narrators captivate, evoke emotions, convey their ideas with clarity, and take us on a journey towards our own wisdom.

'The 3 Secrets of the Art of Storytelling' will be your accomplice in embarking on or deepening your journey as a storyteller. Whether you are a business leader, a teacher seeking inspiration, or a parent who wants to communicate better, this book will guide you through the what, when, where, how, and why of storytelling.

Welcome to reconnect with the wonder, magic, and power of stories.

About the Author

Sergio Hernández Ledward is a life coach, speaker, master in Neurolinguistic Programming and perpetual learner. A facilitator of group learning processes for more than 20 years, frequent traveler, inquisitive questioner and storyteller. He believes in the power of stories, the magic of words and the potential of human beings. He enjoys creating spaces for learning, reflection and growth.

  • About the author
  • Welcome to the world of storytelling
  1. Narration and its Reasons
    1. What is narration?
    2. Five reasons for narrating
  2. First secret: the narrator changes the world
    1. When and where to tell stories?
    2. Negotiators, entrepreneurs, storytellers
    3. Teachers who tell stories
    4. Psychotherapy: the art of weaving, unweaving, and reweaving stories
    5. The best stories are heard at home
    6. Ideas to remember
    7. Exercises for storytellers
  3. Second secret: we can only give what is ours
    1. Congruent and relevant stories: Yours but also of those who listen to you
    2. Fantastic stories or true anecdotes?
    3. Grandeur stories or tales of vulnerability?
    4. A word of caution
    5. Nine paths towards the sea of stories
    6. Ideas to remember
    7. Exercises for narrators and storytellers
  4. Third secret: your only job is to keep the channel open
    1. The narrative artist
    2. From 'Once upon a time' to 'They lived happily ever after'
    3. Coloring and moving forward
    4. The body in narration
    5. Your voice is energy
    6. The use of the stage and the audience
    7. Imagination
    8. The narration is dialogue
    9. Keep the channel open
    10. Ideas to remember
    11. Exercises for narrators and storytellers
  • 2 Years, 8 months and 28 nights
  • Acknowledgments
  • Bibliography
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Sergio Hernández Ledward