Success in Selling: A Light-Hearted Guide, Part II

kirjoittanut Henry Jensen Frandsen
( 12 )
68 pages
This is a light-hearted read “with a punch”. It is filled with short stories and is a "Must-Read" for anyone involved in selling.
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Henry Jensen Frandsen was born in Brakpan on the 25th February 1944. 

In 1976 Henry Joined Musikland in Kwa Zulu Natal as Promotions and Marketing Officer. A few years later he was appointed General Manager.

In 1978 Henry and Kevin James, opened a packaging distribution company, S

This is a light-hearted read “with a punch”. It is filled with short stories about humorous experiences that sales people have found themselves caught up in over the years. It is a "Must-Read" for anyone involved in selling.

This book was specifically written to inspire sales people. It can be used as a motivational tool to encourage and raise the level of sales personnel. It is a stimulating and thought-provoking manuscript. You can read a chapter of this book as a highlight before finishing off a sales meeting. The idea is to read a chapter and then conduct a question and answer session encouraging the sales team to debate the moral of the story.

Des Rudolph was the GM at Musikland who I reported to back in 1977. He had a huge influence on my career. He embedded the phrase "Make it Happen" into my brain and into my life. He also pointed out that when reading a motivational book and only one line in the entire book makes you think, then that book is worth every cent you paid for it.

Here's hoping that you find that 'One liner' in this book.

  1. No you can’t!
  2. Ten good reasons why it won’t work!
  3. Plastic money
  4. Get off your butt!
    1. Scenario One
    2. Scenario Two
    3. Scenario Three
    4. Scenario Four
    5. Scenario Five
    6. Scenario Six
    7. Scenario Seven
  5. Too busy to see you!
  6. Can’t! The Tugela raft race
  7. Words won’t fail you!
  8. A sales person’s business plan
  9. Sales person’s ‘Call cycle plan’
  10. Business plan
  11. SWOT Analysis