Raising Business Finance for Entrepreneurs Part I

kirjoittanut Chris Clegg
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67 pages
Raising Business Finance for Entrepreneurs is a two part simple, practical, no-nonsense guide that does exactly what it says.
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Chris Clegg studied accountancy and taxation after gaining MAs at Cambridge (in Natural Science) and Brunel (in Social Science). From 1978 to 1982 he was Finance Director of a rapidly growing import company, eventually successfully sold, and then founded a series of very successful Financial...

Raising Business Finance for Entrepreneurs is a two part simple, practical, no-nonsense guide that does exactly what it says.

In the UK, the majority of ‘experts’ in the Business Finance sector are intermediaries whose livelihood depends on finding funding for entrepreneurs. Paradoxically, focusing on deals and successes not only has the inevitable consequence that they act against the real interests of Business Angels, but they also don't really understand them.

There are other books on the market about Business Angel investing, but oddly none specifically address the practical issues of being successful with Business Angels. Some are aimed at entrepreneurs seeking finance, but without the insights necessary to attract a Business Angel; some are anecdotal and autobiographical; a few are academic studies.

Taking you step by step through every stage of the process, full of practical tips and 'do's and dont's' this really is a practical ‘How To’ guide to both make and attract money, and are companion volumes to 'http://bookboon.com/en/how-to-write-a-business-plan-that-really-works-ebook'.

  1. Business Angel background
    1. Why do Business Angel opportunities exist in the first place?
    2. Who are Business Angels?
    3. Why do Business Angels make such investments?
    4. What kind of businesses do Business Angels invest in?
  2. Thinking about Investing
    1. Tax Breaks for Business Angels
    2. Financial Services Act and Regulation
    3. Timing of the Process
    4. Business Angel Etiquette
    5. How Much to Invest?
    6. Portfolio Building
    7. Collegiate Investing
    8. Business Angel Networks
    9. Deal Flow and other Related Matters
    10. Personal Considerations about Investing
    11. Summary
  3. The Approach
  4. The Model
  5. Uncertainty
  6. Assessing Risk
    1. Risk
    2. Quantifying Risk
    3. The Business Plan
Great Book, looking forward to reading part II.
15. maaliskuuta 2019
so great I recommend it to those who wish to go into in full time business!
3. huhtikuuta 2015
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