Managing Customer Experience in the Networked Age

kirjoittanut Stephen Spencer
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78 pages
Containing a step-by-step guide to interpreting the key trends that will shape customer behaviours, this book answers the question “What is the Networked Age, and how can we prepare to thrive in it?”
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  1. The Information Age 
  2. S is for Story 
  3. T is for Team 
  4. A is for Ambience 
  5. R is for Recipients 
  6. S is for Systems 
  7. The Networked Age 

This book takes its title from a comment by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman: “We’re in the early stages of transitioning from the Information Age to the Networked Age”, and explains how organisations should think about the future, and use these insights to maximise engagement with, and value from, customers and stakeholders.

In today’s turbulent world, customers’ ability to share with, and discover the opinions of, those they trust – their networks – is at an all-time high.

The book answers the questions:

  • How has the Information Age changed the way our customers think, feel and behave?
  • What is the Networked Age, and how can we prepare to thrive in it?
  • What are the key future trends that will drive customer behaviour?
  • What is Customer Experience, and how will it work in the Networked Age?
  • How should we assimilate the trends into a future-proofed, Customer Experience model?

It will also introduce, and equip the reader to implement, the STARS model of a customer-centric organisation.

Beautifully written book with real insight into the workplace. Stephen puts his own experiences in his workplace to show how businesses work. Brilliant book highly recommended
15. helmikuuta 2017 klo 18.59
In this book Spencer generously shares his Customer Experience process and insights honed working with prestigious consumer organisations. A process he empowers the reader to apply themselves. The experience driven insights are thoughtfully framed with Spencers' own take on the transition from the Information Age to the Network Age. An informative and actionable read for those delivering a retail experience.
13. helmikuuta 2017 klo 20.07
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