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Making the Transition from Startup to Corporate

20m 15s
Language:  English
David Beckett gives insight into how to move from a small company or working as freelancer to taking in a role and working in a larger organization.
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In this talk, David focuses on some of the drivers that can help you make a success of moving form a smaller company, or working for yourself, into a larger organization. He talks about one useful framework for positioning your professional value in interviews; finding out about the culture before deciding where to work; and how to bring certain skills you learned in your entrepreneurial journey and use them to create your own ‘brand’ in the new, larger environment.

About the author

David Beckett is an international pitch coach, who has trained over 1400 Startups, and more than 20,000 professionals at major corporates in 29 countries, as well as over 30 TEDx speakers. David is the creator of The Pitch Canvas©, author of the book Pitch To Win, and host of The Essential Pitch podcast. In his 25-year career, David worked for a large company – left to start for himself – went back into corporate life – and started for himself again!

About the Author

David Beckett