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Lessons Leaders Can Take from Feminine Leadership

How to Use Empathy to Be a Good Manager

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It can sometimes be difficult to develop your own management style and get promoted, the two don’t always correlate. This Expert Talk will help you understand how empathy is the key.
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Listen to Beverley Lockett as she explains the bias that exists in management styles and why empathy is by far the most powerful tool in a managers toolkit. You will get practical tips on how to improve empathy within your own management style. Using empath can have a major change on the culture, thereby making them more productive, happier and a team!

About the Author

Beverley is a semi-retired entrepreneur, manager and former business lecturer. She believes in developing the practical side of theories. She is a No 1 Bestselling author of “Building Your Property Business”; speaker and business coach. She is currently creating her next adventure - a life in France

About the Author

Beverley Lockett