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Introduction to Green Supply Chain Management

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Green supply chain management is an introductory book that will give the readers a glimpse about environmental aspects in supply chains.
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Green supply chain management is an introductory book that will give the readers a glimpse about environmental aspects in supply chains. Regulatory and competitive pressures are making it inevitable for companies to adopt a green supply chain management framework. The book covers various aspects of green supply chain management highlighting the challenges faced by companies and solutions that can be looked at. There are a number of real life examples in the book that readers can draw inferences from. Findings from academic research have been distilled and presented in a simple manner to lend a profound perspective on green supply chain management. What will be of interest to the readers is the unique facet of integration of different approaches and philosophies like ISO 14000, TQM, 5S, Lean manufacturing with the green agenda of an organisation. The book also attempts to clear the myth that green efforts only result in greater costs for the business without any tactical impact on improving a company’s bottom line.

About the author

Venkatesh Ganapathy presently works as Associate Professor (Marketing) in Presidency Business School, Bangalore. He has worked in the industry for close to two decades in organisations like Castrol India Limited (part of BP PLC) and Firepro Systems Private Limited. He has had a rich and diverse cross-functional experience during his stint in the corporate world. He has published 15 books so far. He is also the author of 50 research papers that have been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals of repute. He has presented his research efforts in national and international conferences and has been the recipient of awards and scholarships. He has a profound interest in content marketing and has written over 300 blogs. His research interests are in services marketing and service supply chain management.

  1. Introduction 
    1. What is Green Supply Chain Management? 
    2. Why Green Supply Chain Management? 
    3. The Negative Influence of Waste 
    4. An overview of research on green supply chain 
    5. Strategies for a Green Supply Chain 
    6. Role of Green supply chains in making a business future ready 
    7. References 
  2. Benefits of Green Supply Chain Management 
    1. Sustainable supply chain management 
    2. Sustainability as a central theme in Supply Chain Management 
    3. Benefits of implementing green supply chains 
    4. Leveraging benefits of green supply chains for strategic competitive advantage 
    5. References 
  3. Challenges in implementation of Green Supply Chain Management 
    1. Challenges and complexities in supply chain management 
    2. Evolution of green practices – adding to the complexity 
    3. Challenges in implementation of green supply chains 
    4. Recommendations to overcome the challenges 
    5. References 
  4. Measuring The Performance Of Green Supply Chains 
    1. Introduction 
    2. Literature Review 
    3. Challenges in measuring the performance of green supply chains 
    4. Summary 
    5. References 
  5. Green Design & Selection Of Green Technology 
    1. Green Design/ Technology 
    2. Closed loop manufacturing 
    3. Product Stewardship & green design 
    4. Benefits of green design 
    5. Growing importance of green design 
    6. Summary 
    7. References 
  6. Green Purchasing 
    1. Green Purchasing and Supplier Relationships 
    2. References
  7. Green Logistics 
    1. Growing importance of logistics 
    2. Reason for interest in green logistics 
    3. A broad overview of literature in green logistics 
    4. Future of Green Logistics 
    5. References 
  8. The Conflict between Lean and Green 
    1. Introduction 
    2. Five principles of Lean thinking 
    3. Improving Lean efforts – A few guidelines 
    4. To summarise 
    5. References 
  9. GSCM: Links to Quality standards, TQM and CRM 
    1. Introduction 
    2. TQM, CRM, ISO standards 
    3. Summary 
  10. Green Buildings: Sustainable Development in Real Estate 
    1. Introduction 
    2. What is a Green Building? 
    3. Adverse impact of conventional buildings 
    4. Need for green buildings 
    5. Benefits of Green Buildings 
    6. Materials for Green Buildings 
    7. Green Building movement in India 
    8. LEED rating 
    9. Examples of successful green buildings in India 
    10. Green Supply Chain Management in Construction Industry – Risks, Challenges & Opportunities 
    11. Summary 
    12. References 
  11. Examples of Green Supply Chains 
    1. Case Study: Maersk Line Shipping 
    2. Case Study: Thermax India 
    3. References 
  12. The Future of Green Supply Chains 
    1. References 
This is contemporarily important , it is very good guidance for managers.
The book is valuable considering the degree at which the environment is being poluted. There need to know what individuals or companies should do to reduce pollution.
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Venkatesh Ganapathy