How to Use Microsoft Teams

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173 pages
Collaborate more effectively with Microsoft Teams. Learn how to leverage the power of Microsoft Teams. Set up and mange teams including adding channels, members, inviting guest users and adding apps.
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Shelley Fishel is the owner and founder of tomorrow's VA - an online training portal with courses in Microsoft Office. Shelley has been teaching Microsoft Office for over 20 years both in the classroom and online. A Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, Shelley holds the Certified Online L

Working remotely just became a whole lot easier. Take your virtual office to the next level with Microsoft Teams. In this book, learn how to set up Teams and Channels for effective co-working. Collaborate on documents, chat with your colleagues, and meet with internal and external people. Find out how to add other apps to your Teams and channels, apps like Microsoft Forms, Polly, PowerPoint and more. Share your screen, a presentation or an application window in meetings making them so much more interesting. A comprehensive guide to Microsoft Teams.

About the Author

About the author
Known as The MS Office Maestro Shelley is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and has been training Microsoft Apps for over 20 years. Delivering face to face training sessions, training remotely with various online tools and presenting at events. Her online training portal Tomorrow’s VA hosts a suite of courses for busy assistants, helping them make the most of Microsoft Office.

  1. About the Author
  2. What is Microsoft Teams?
    1. Versions of Microsoft Teams
    2. Does Microsoft Teams work on both Windows and Mac?
    3. How about working in the Browser?
    4. Microsoft Teams is a Hub for Teamwork
  3. Anatomy of the Microsoft Teams Interface
  4. Teams and Channels
    1. General Channel
    2. Standard and Private Channels
  5. Members and Guests
    1. Team members - Guest Members - External Access what do they all mean?
  6. Roles in Teams
  7. Planning your Team
  8. Teams Admin Centre, Setting up Guest Access and External Access
    1. External Access
    2. Guest Access
  9. Get set, ready, create your first team
    1. Plan of the Koffee Island team
  10. Creating a Team
    1. New team created
    2. Manage the team
    3. Team settings
  11. Channels
    1. Add a standard channel
  12. Adding members to teams
    1. Adding an internal team member
  13. Inviting guest members to teams
    1. Join a team as a guest
    2. Matt is invited to tomorrow’s VA
  14. What can guests do?
    1. Switching between organisations
  15. Activity in teams
  16. Chat in Teams
    1. Where can I chat?
    2. Channel chat
  17. Calendar and meetings in Teams
    1. What can I do in the calendar in Teams?
    2. The lobby
    3. Create a Teams meeting from Outlook
    4. Create a Teams meeting on behalf of someone else
    5. Create an instant meeting (meet now)
    6. Create a channel meeting
    7. Join a Teams meeting
  18. Meetings and what you can do
    1. Customise your meeting experience
    2. Meeting options
    3. Sharing in meetings
    4. Share a document window
    5. Presenting a PowerPoint presentation
    6. Microsoft Whiteboard
    7. Joining a meeting on the web
  19. Working with shared files in channels
  20. Files
  21. Apps
    1. Preparation
    2. Polling
    3. Using Microsoft Forms
    4. Using Microsoft Forms in meeting chat
    5. Polly
  22. Settings and notifications
    1. Settings
    2. Settings – general and notification settings
  23. Conclusion