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How to Turn the Q&A

38m 15s
Language:  English
I’m going to share with you some secrets of video presenting and how to create a professional Question and Answer session which demonstrate your ability and potential.
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There are seven key things you will learn:

  1. Why the Question and Answer session is important
  2. The importance of preparation
  3. How to be a good active listener
  4. The importance of your key messages to build clarity for your listeners
  5. The Process to answer questions effectively.
  6. How to open and close the Q and A session
  7. The art of bridging … which means … your confidence and professionalism as a presenter will improve dramatically.

About the author

My name is Paul Castle. I am a qualified solicitor with a background in Financial Services, Personal Development, communication, public speaking and mentoring video conferencing.

My mission is to give people, the confidence, knowledge and skill to communicate and network. To present themselves, their ideas and their skills, in a way that gets them positively noticed in their organisation.

About the Author

Paul Castle