How Technical Experts Become Powerful Presenters

Techie Talks

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58 pages
Techie Talks takes the pain out of presenting financial or technical data to diverse audiences, with access to free downloads and video clips, to quickly increase your impact.
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When it comes to being in the spotlight, Frankie’s done the lot: performing, voiceovers, writing, editing… all over the world.

Add some NLP and psychology training into the mix, and she knows all the techniques to help you speak so others want to listen when you’re co

If you’re a technical expert, whether in Finance, IT or Engineering, you’ll find you’re increasingly called upon to persuade Senior Management, peers, customers and a multitude of other groups.

Techie Talks will give you the tools to take complex information and quickly mould it to any audience and situation so that you maximise your influence and credibility with compelling presentation skills.

In addition, you’ll learn how to control your nerves, grabbing – and keeping – everyone’s attention.

While the audience will endure the presentation skills of others, yours will ignite the room.

Along the way, there are free videos and downloads to make the process easy for you to comfortably convey a clear and powerful message. Download Techie Talks to get started!

Those with the know-how in Technology, Finance and Engineering have realised that their knowledge can only be communicated if they engage with their audiences, and not with a data onslaught. Techie Talks is aimed at taking the pain out of presenting and keeping your audience engaged while your credibility and power to persuade is seriously enhanced.

This guide will cover:

- Physical and mental preparation that doesn’t mean an hour of mediation and a gym membership;

- How to make your message match your audience without surveying each and every one of them;

- Speedy and efficient structuring of your material - no need to lock yourself in a room for 2 hours;

- The principles of delivering with impact without having to be ‘act’.

- How to make the most of the opportunities that a presentation brings - painlessly.

  1. Introduction
  2. Seven Common myths torn to shreds
  3. When Presentations are a Plus
    1. Suggested scenarios for presentations
    2. What’s in it for you?
  4. Preparation and Planning
    1. Defining the Subject
    2. Audience and Situation Profile
    3. Set the Key Message/Audience Motivator
    4. Easy structuring of the content
  5. The Spice Rack™: The 14 Ways To Grab And Keep Your Audience
    1. Structuring, in a nutshell
  6. Why this system works
  7. Techniques to keep the flow to your content
  8. Killer language, verbal craft and magic moves
    1. Killer Language
    2. The Verbal Magic
    3. Magic Moves: How to physically influence your audience’s opinion
  9. Practising Your Presentation
    1. Loud and proud
    2. Using Notes
  10. How to control nerves and get into the zone
    1. Posture Check
    2. Face
    3. Breathing Exercises
    4. Calming the Mind
  11. Get control, clarity and colour into your voice
    1. Being heard
    2. Keeping your audience with you
    3. Pace
    4. Using Vocal Emphasis to speak with greater Conviction
  12. Using Confident Body Language
    1. Creating a strong presence
    2. Moving naturally
    3. Move to Relax and Signpost
    4. Personal Eye Contact
  13. How to deal with ‘blanking’
  14. The 5-minute deal maker
  15. Presenting Using PowerPoint
    1. Do
    2. Don’t
    3. Visual tips
    4. .1 Diagrams: The wreckless and the refined
    5. Fonts – Titles
    6. Fonts – body
    7. Progress Bar
    8. Colours
    9. Flip Charts
  16. Managing the Question and Answer Session
    1. Keeping control
    2. Saving time and breath!
    3. When there are no questions
    4. The 7 golden rules for dealing with difficult questioners
    5. Strategies for dealing with difficult questions
  17. Following up after your presentation
    1. Continuing your development
  18. About the Author