Handling Employee Complaints and Grievances

An introduction

kirjoittanut T.P. Geater
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80 pages
This book represents a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of handling employee grievances/complaints and is written to assist operational managers in handling, managing and responding to them.
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  1. About the author
  2. Introduction
  3. Employee Grievances – A Definition and the Centrality of Managing Grievances for the Maintenance of the Employer/Employee Relationship
  4. ACAS and ACAS Guidance
  5. Employee Grievances Policy and Procedure
  6. Undertaking an Investigation – Key Elements
  7. Grievance Meetings and Hearings
  8. Workplace Mediation and Employee Grievances
  9. Employee Grievances – Some Key Issues
  10. Conclusion
  11. Some Useful Resources
  12. Endnotes

This book represents a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of handling employee grievances/complaints, an important aspect of the employer/employee relationship and is aimed at operational managers, but also a resource for human resources specialists. Grievance will be defined, the role of the ACAS discussed, the embedding of policy and procedure explored, the role and place of mediation examined, investigation of grievances detailed, meeting about and discussing grievances at hearings set down and finally highlighting key issues in implementing responses to grievances.

About the author

Terry Geater has a thirty-seven-year background of work, having specialised for much of that time generally in personnel/human resources work and specifically in employee relations.
Excellent book
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