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Expert Talk: PR and Crisis Communication

Interview with Sandra Coyle

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PR, communications and crisis management underpin successful business operations. However if not managed and directed properly they can cause huge damage to businesses, we discuss best practice.
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Sandra Coyle specialises in global communications, strategic planning, expanding market share, and brand influence for organisations. This is for anyone who wants to either brush up on their skills or develop new ones - from current employees of all types of companies wanting updated pr skills. Whatever area of business you are in you will find value in this talk, and expand your horizons; marketers going through change; senior managers looking for inspiration before key presentations: experts in digital and social media trying to improve how they communicate. It is important to revisit the story your organisation is telling at least twice a year to see how is the organisation evolving.

About the Author

Nathaniel Schooler - an engaging interviewer, writer and trusted adviser. IBM Futurist and LinkedIn Power Profile Award Winner. 

He interviews amazing experts. People who have started, built and been part of some of the largest brands in the world and made a huge impact.
Prior experience taught him business communication is about real world relationships, (avoiding techno speak and meaningless jargon).

About the Author

Nat Schooler