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Communicating with younger employees

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Gen Z becomes the 5th generation to enter the workforce. They bring different communication requirements. In this talk, the author interviews two members of Gen Z to discuss their communication needs.
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For the first time in history five generations are in the workforce. Generation Z becomes the 5th of those generations. Like every preceding generation, they present different communication needs, wants, and challenges for today’s managers. In this episode, the author interviews Jordan Modjeski and Celeste Van Klein of Generation Z regarding communication research on Gen Z and how it connects to what this generation wants from their bosses regarding feedback, expectations, choice of mediums, professional distance, and humor are explored.

About the Author

Jeff Hefel works at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota as a Professor of Management. He teaches courses in management, marketing, and economics. He holds an MBA and provides professional consultations and workshops to many local businesses and in strategic planning, and human resource management. He received the University’s Outstanding Professor award in 1999.

About the Author

Jeffrey Hefel