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Circles of Concern, Control and Influence

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Having; worries, concerns & fears can cause us to feel overwhelmed. The circles of control & influence allow you to examine areas of concern & help you realise you have more power than you think.
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Do you feel like you have control over your home life? Do you feel like you have control over your work life?What do you do about things you can't control?Do you worry about things outside your control? Do you know how to impact positively on areas of your life that are cause for concern?How would feeling like you have more control make a difference to your home or work life?If you are asking yourself these questions, this book is for you!We will examine your own concerns, reduce uncertainty & stress & gain control of your home & work life.

About the author

Sarah is a freelance; leading, learning & development, presenting and design expert. She has over 25 years of practice and experience in; presenting, strategy, change, leadership & people development & innovative blended learning.She has worked on numerous; public, private and third sector projects. Her latest role was as a National L&D Manager with responsibility for over 6,500 staff. Please feel free to contact her via Linkedin

  • About the author
  1. Introduction
  2. How to get the most out of this book
  3. Identifying what is in your circles
    1. Step 1 – Circle of Concern
    2. Step 2 – Circle of Control
    3. Circle of Influence
  4. What has this Activity Shown You?
  5. What can you do to Move Forward?
  6. Things to Remember
  7. You’ve got your Circles….Now What?
    1. Resilience
    2. Mindset
    3. Trust
    4. Influence & Persuasion
  8. Summary / Conclusions
  9. Bibliography
About the Author

Sarah Simpson