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9 ways to understand what motivates us

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This e-book offers numerous hints and tips to help you better understand yourself and others.
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Would you like to be more motivated? Do you know your primary motivators? How can the motivators help you in your daily life?

This e-book offers numerous hints and tips to help you better understand yourself and others. This book gives you practical insights and exercises, to enable you enjoy yourself both at work and elsewhere.

About the author

The author, Carita Nyberg, MSc. Economics, has further developed the Keys2Balance method to assist workplaces in improving communication and leadership, in order to enhance the working climate. The method is based on José Steven’s, PhD., PersonEssence – Understanding People concept that has been utilised for more than 30 years in the US. Carita Nyberg has continued to develop this method further, providing a variety of training and coaching for differing workplaces and individuals.

  • Preface
  1. Motivators
    1. Definition
    2. Benefits from Knowing your Motivators
    3. Positive and Negative Poles
  2. Our 9 Motivators 
    1. Exchange – Information and Communication   
    2. Security – Anticipation and Planning 
    3. Adventure – Excitement and Variation 
    4. Influence – Power and Decisions 
    5. Expression – Individualism and Performance 
    6. Freedom – Independency and Alternatives 
    7. Expansion – Visions and Development 
    8. Recognition – Affection and Collaboration   
    9. Communion – Socialising and Events 
  3. Motivators in the Workplace 
    1. Lack of Certain Motivators in the Workplace 
    2. Motivators and Team roles 
    3. Tasks at Work 
    4. Workplace Cases – The Benefit of Knowing 
  4. Motivators at Home 
    1. Motivators in Relationships 
    2. Motivators and Travel Plans 
    3. Motivators and Hobbies 
    4. How to Support Each Motivator   
  5. Combinations 
    1. Exchange-combinations 
    2. Security-combinations 
    3. Adventure-combinations 
    4. Influence-combinations 
    5. Expression-combinations 
    6. Freedom-combinations 
    7. Expansion-combinations 
    8. Recognition-combinations 
    9. Communion-combinations 
  6. Motivators – The Test 
  7. Motivators in Practice 
    1. Supporting Motivators Weekly   
About the Author

Carita Nyberg