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You Need Trust to Build an Empire

An Abeceder Quotation Conversation

28m 8s
Idioma:  English
Michael Millward and Daniel Gross discuss a quotation from legendary banker Edmond Safra, about how simple running a bank or any business can and should be. It’s all about relationships and trust.
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Michael Millward and financial journalist Daniel Gross discuss a quotation from Edmond Safra, who is the subject of Daniels book A Banker’s Journey – how Edmond Safra built a global financial empire. They explore why in post second world war Europe it was possible for a 15-year-old boy to set up a bank, and why that is less likely to happen in the 21st Century. They explore the role of trust in building the relationships that make a business successful and how building those relationships can give any outsider a route into becoming an insider.

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Michael Millward