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Word 2016

Word 2016
4,7 (40 Opiniones) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-403-1560-8
1 edición
Páginas : 240
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Acerca del libro

  1. Opiniones
  2. Descripción
  3. Contenido


RAJA Bangladeshi ★★★★★

This book is very helpful for writers to know more formulas & functions of Word 2016.


This book is about Word 2016 as used on a Desktop or Laptop computer. It will reference the use of Word Online and Word 2016 on other devices, however we will not go into detail about other platforms and devices.

The version of Word that I am using to write this book is Word 2016 on a Windows 10 platform. I use this on my Desktop – a Lenovo 23” and on my Surface Pro 3. As such all the screenshots in this book will reflect my set up. Your set up may be a little different so you may see slightly different configurations.


  1. First Things First 
    1. Word 2016 – Part of Office 365 
    2. The Content of this Book 
  2. The Word 2016 Interface 
    1. The Home Ribbon 
    2. The Insert Ribbon 
    3. The Draw Ribbon 
    4. The Design Ribbon 
    5. The Layout Ribbon 
    6. The References Ribbon 
    7. The Mailings Ribbon 
    8. The Review Ribbon 
    9. The View Ribbon 
    10. The Developer Ribbon 
  3. Backstage View 
    1. The Info Tab 
    2. The New Tab 
    3. The Open Tab 
    4. The Save and Save As Tab 
    5. The Print Tab 
    6. The Share Tab 
    7. The Export Tab 
    8. The Publish Tab 
    9. The Close Option 
    10. The Account Tab
    11. The Feedback Tab 
    12. The Options Tab 
  4. Setting up the Document 
    1. Margins and Paper Size 
  5. Formatting 
    1. The Font Group (1) 
    2. The Paragraph Group (2) 
  6. Styles 
    1. Where Can I Find Styles? 
    2. Modifying a Style 
    3. Format Painter 
    4. Cut Copy and Paste 
  7. Headers and Footers 
    1. To Insert a Header 
    2. The Header and Footer Ribbon 
    3. Page Numbering 
    4. The Insert Group on the Header and Footer Ribbon 
  8. Quick Parts 
    1. Auto Text 
    2. Document Properties 
    3. Fields 
  9. Building Blocks 
    1. Cover Pages 
  10. Page Breaks 
    1. Working with Page Breaks 
  11. Section Breaks 
    1. Types of Section Break 
    2. Different Formatting for Different Sections 
    3. Different Headers or Footers for Different Sections 
  12. References 
    1. Table of Contents 
  13. Footnotes and Endnotes 
    1. Add a footnote 
    2. Add an Endnote 
  14. Smart Lookup 
  15. Researcher 
    1. Add a List of Works Cited 
    2. Create a Bibliography
    3. Assemble a Bibliography 
  16. Index 
    1. Add an Index Placeholder
  17. Images 
    1. Where Do My Pictures Come From? 
    2. Picture Corrections 
    3. Format Picture with the Task Pane 
  18. Adding Shapes 
    1. Adding a Shape 
  19. Adding Smart Art 
    1. Different Kinds of SmartArt 
    2. Adding a Process Chart 
    3. Create a Hierarchy or Organisation Chart 
  20. Adding a Chart 
    1. To Add a Chart 
  21. Adding a Screenshot 
  22. Adding Online Video 
  23. Hyperlink 
    1. Add a Bookmark 
  25. Cross Reference 
    1. Update the Cross-Reference Field 
    2. To Ensure that All Fields in your Document are Updated Before Printing
  26. Tables 
    1. Adding and Modifying a Table 
    2. Table Design 
    3. Add Borders and Shading to a Table 
  27. Mailings 
    1. What Makes up a Mail Merge? 
    2. The Source Document 
    3. The List 
    4. Mail Merge from an Excel List 
    5. The Ask Field 
    6. Create Mailing Labels 
    7. Mail Merge Email Messages from Outlook Contacts 
    8. Envelopes and Labels 
    9. Envelopes 
    10. Labels 
  28. Reviewing your Document 
    1. Proofing 
    3. Track Changes 
  29. Drawing-Inking 
  30. Different Views of your Document 
    1. Read 
    2. Print Layout 
    3. Web Layout 
    4. Outline View 
    5. Draft View 
  31. Collaboration
    1. Steps for Collaboration 

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