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Who am I before the world told me who to be?

An Abeceder Quotation Conversation

27m 39s
Idioma:  English
Learn about how living your personal values is the key to achieving a sense of belonging and happiness by listening to Michael Millward and Yvonne Winkler discussing a Maya Angelo quotation.
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Darwin said that survival is reliant on being able to adapt to your environment, but Yvonne Winkler uses a quotation from Mya Angelo to explain to Michael Millward that being happy depends on focusing on being true to your personal values.Yvonne has adapted to her environment; she grew up in communist East Germany before moving to the west and settling in Canada. She explores with Michael how she adapted to enable herself to fit in, and how she only achieved happiness after deciding to focus on being the person she was before the world told her who she should be.

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Michael Millward