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The modern information environment

Educating the cyber operator – Part I

The modern information environment
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ISBN: 978-87-403-2232-3
1 edición
Páginas : 62
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Acerca del libro

  1. Opiniones
  2. Descripción
  3. Contenido


Dan ★★★★★

A fast but comprehensive introduction into cyber security, giving insight into system classification, asset identification, cyber crime and profiling targets.


This series will provide the reader with the technical and theoretical knowledge needed for undertaking different information operations with the focus being on penetration testing. In this book, I am setting the scene for the series, discussing information and its value, defining the information environment and its different domains, discussing crime and cyber criminals and finally, looking at a possible MO of a targeted attack. The by-product of the book is the argument that hacking is completely legal and that without hackers our society would have been at the mercy of criminals

About the author

Raised on the island of Mykonos, Greece. Moved to the UK in 1995. Undertook undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Wales, UK (BSc Computer Science, MSc Information Security and Computer Crime). Awarded a PhD in threat assessment in 2004. Experienced in all aspects of Information Operations with excellent understanding of the information security lifecycle. Created a number of spin-off companies. Orchestrated and formalised training on penetration testing and digital forensics for the British Armed Forces Intelligence Personnel. Mentored thousands of cyber operators and cyber security specialists since 2001. I advise and inform policy makers and write policy where and when required. Offering consultancy on Penetration Testing, Threat Assessment and Digital Forensics/Incident Response. Publishing technical work on Penetration testing, addressing professionals and practitioners in the wider field of cyber security.


  1. About the author
  2. What is this Book?
  3. What is Information?
    1. The evolution of computing
    2. Information
    3. Information Assets
    4. Value of an Information Asset
    5. The role of Information
    6. Chapter Conclusion
    7. Reflection Questions
  4. Information Environment
    1. Information and Information Environment
    2. Stakeholder Identification
    3. System Boundaries Identification
    4. Chapter Conclusion
    5. Reflection Questions
  5. Crime in the Physical and in the Cyber Domain
    1. Defining crime in information environments
    2. Levels & types of crime in information environments
    3. Cyber-Criminals?
    4. Hacking: is it legal?
    5. Chapter Conclusion
    6. Reflection Questions
  6. Profiling a target
    1. An Attack Methodology
    2. Intelligence Gathering
    3. Chapter Conclusion
    4. Reflection Questions
  7. Appendix A – TAME structure
  8. Appendix B – TAME Inputs
  9. Appendix C – TAME Outputs
  10. Appendix D – Asset Classification
  11. Appendix E – Process 5 (Asset identification & selection) I/O Diagram
  12. References

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