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The Essential Purpose

How Meaningful Work Creates Sustainable Businesses

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The meaning we give to work is an echo of how we see ourselves. How do we keep our company relevant? By discovering the nexus between our life purpose and the purpose of our organization.
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The COVID 19 pandemic left, among others, a negative effect on organizations known as "the great resignation". This effect is the result of a crisis of meaning, along with other factors that had been brewing since before. Economic remuneration alone is no longer enough to retain new talent, as these people are not only looking for material comfort, but also to make a positive impact on the world through their work. How are companies preparing to meet this challenge? THE ESSENTIAL PURPOSE offers a solution: relating the person's life purpose with the organization's purpose.

About the Author

Santiago Mariño is a leadership consultant, working with individuals and organizations seeking to take their life or business to a higher purpose in sustainability and self-awareness. A certified executive coach for over 12 years, he has 20 years of previous practice in product development and marketing positions. His work focuses on clients' leadership skills through identifying and re-signifying their limiting beliefs and finding new meaning at work by discovering the relationship between the organization's purpose and their personal life purpose.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Why is This Happening to Me?
    1. Transcendent Leadership
    2. The Process of Self-Knowledge
    3. How to Make the Most of the Process of Self-Knowledge?
    4. What Does All This Have to Do with Our Work?
  2. Mission and Purpose
    1. Mission
    2. The Arrival of the Millennial Generation
    3. Purpose
  3. Types of Purpose
    1. The Organizational Purpose
    2. The Personal Purpose
    3. Acceptance vs. Resignation
  4. The Essential Purpose
    1. What Is It?
    2. How Essential Purpose Supports Change Management
  5. Finding the Essential Purpose
    1. Stages and Facilitation
    2. The Initiative Team
    3. Defining the Organizational Infinitive
    4. Defining the Personal Infinitive
    5. Defining the Relationship Between Verbs
  6. Benefits of the Essential Purpose in the Organization
    1. Benefits in Motivation, Attraction and Retention of Talent
    2. Benefits in Leadership Skills
    3. Team Management Benefits
    4. Overall Business Benefits
  • Conclusion
  • Table of Figures
  • References
  • Notes

Understand meaningful work and its role in creating long-lasting businesses Identify the connection between personal goals and the company’s mission Learn about the Essential Purpose and how it contributes to business sustainability Explore the advantages of aligning individual and company purposes for better motivation and leadership skills

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Santiago Mariño Charria