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Successful Learning Techniques

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This book is an attempt to suggest some techniques which can be practised and adopted in order to pursue learning of various subjects in a systematic manner.
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Learning is the most important activity of human life. Although a lot of learning takes place without any conscious thought, organised learning in a subject area requires a lot of concentration, effort and strong determination. While some learn easily, others find it difficult to do so. For such people it is necessary to adopt certain techniques which will definitely help them learn various subjects in a systematic way. This book is an attempt to suggest some methods which are likely to help everyone.

  1. Theories of Learning
    1. Introduction
    2. Concepts of Learning
    3. Evolution of Theories of Learning
    4. Relationship Between Theory and Practice
  2. Preparation for Learning
    1. Select a Place and Time
    2. Study Everyday
    3. Make a Schedule
    4. Recognise Your Learning Style
    5. Boost Your Motivation Level
    6. Take Care of Yourself
    7. Decide Your Strategies
    8. Take a Break
  3. Techniques That Work
    1. Concentration
    2. Skimming and Re-reading
    3. Highlighting/Underlining
    4. Summarising
    5. Elaborative Integration
    6. Self-explanation
    7. Test Yourself
  4. Note-taking
    1. Note-taking on Lecture
    2. Making Outline
    3. Creating Chart
    4. Mind Mapping
  5. Using Technology
    1. Note-making Software
  6. Memorisation Techniques
    1. Introduction
    2. Repetition
    3. Recording
    4. Re-writing
    5. Associating
  7. Devising Your Strategy
    1. Learning in Multiple Ways
    2. Relating to Previous Learning
    3. Studying Related Reference Material
    4. Sharing
  8. E-learning
    1. Introduction
    2. What is E-learning?
    3. Micro E-Learning
    4. E-books
    5. Powerpoint Presentations
    6. Instructional Videos
    7. Online Practice
  9. Thinking Skills
    1. Introduction
    2. Core Thinking Skills
    3. Categories of Thinking
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