Sleep: a time management strategy

Increasing the amount & quality of time in your life

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38 pages
In this brief book, Harold discusses the importance of sleep and its impact on personal productivity, organizing skills, and health and well-being.
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Sobre el autor

Harold Taylor, CSP, president of Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd., and now operating as Taylor In Time, was a Quality Control Supervisor and Plant Manager in industry for 12 years and a teaching master at Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology in Toronto, Canada for eight years before laun


The old saying, “Organized desk, organized mind” has some truth to it; but the reverse, “Organized mind, organized desk” is more accurate. It’s difficult to organize anything without a well-rested, healthy, creative and focused mind that is able to plan, think clearly, make good decisions and visualize end results.

In this brief book, Harold discusses the importance of sleep and its impact on personal productivity, organizing skills, and health and well-being. He also offers suggestions on how we can develop good sleep habits, work with our biological clock, take advantage of peak energy levels, and gain extra time through a holistic approach to time management.

  1. The importance of sleep
    1. Benefits of a good night’s sleep
    2. The consequences of sleep deprivation
    3. Lack of sleep can lead to obesity
    4. Sleep deprivation sometimes results in tragedy
  2. Do you suffer from insomnia?
    1. What is insomnia?
    2. Symptoms of insomnia
    3. Causes of insomnia
    4. The impact of aging on sleep
    5. Are you suffering from thinksomnia?
  3. How lack of sleep can impact your personal productivity
    1. Longer working hours equate to shorter sleeping hours
    2. Watch the overtime
    3. Sleep reduces timewasters
    4. Sleep is needed for willpower
    5. Sleep is needed for decision-making
  4. The impact of sleep on memory & learning
    1. Sleep affects learning
    2. Teens are the least likely to get enough sleep
    3. Schools are beginning to adjust
  5. How much sleep do we need?
    1. Our sleep needs
    2. Symptoms of sleep deprivation
  6. Our internal clocks are more important than the ones on the wall
    1. Our sleep cycles
    2. Typical sleep cycle
    3. Work smarter by following your body rhythms
    4. Ride the waves of high energy
  7. How to get a good night’s sleep
    1. Preparing for sleep
    2. Strategies for improving your sleep habits
    3. Sleep inertia
    4. Larks, night owls and humming birds
    5. To nap or not to nap, that is the question
    6. Something to sleep on
  8. Resources
    1. Reference books on sleep
    2. Books referenced in Sleep: a time management strategy
    3. Websites
  9. About the author
Awesome information!
An excellent overview on topics related to sleep and work productivity, but also on health and happiness. It is motivating to take sleep serious and not consider it as lost time.
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