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Self Leadership

How to Become a Great Leader, Starting with Yourself

Idioma:  English
In this book I present the keys of defining a plan (specific and personalized for you) that will allow you to better manage your time and optimize your results at personal and professional level.
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Team leadership is a tremendously complex discipline that requires a combination of multiple disciplines. However, before thinking of leading others, it is essential to learn how to lead yourself, to be effective, to have a personal plan, to understand what it takes to assume more and more responsibilities, and how to face the changes that, inevitably will come up in the relationship with your team(s). In this book I analyze the key questions that will help you define YOUR plan to optimize your personal and professional results.

About the Author

Gorka Iglesias is a PhD in Industrial Engineering and holds an MBA. He has been leading teams for more than twenty years in different areas and kind of companies in international environments. Currently, he works for a large multinational coordinating a network of product development teams based in various European countries.At the end of 2020 he wrote ‘Ready, Steady, Go! A different and really effective way to lead teams’ (in Spanish) where he exposes his innovative approach to optimizing project management and team leadership.

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  1. Goals
  2. Your plan continues when the workday ends
  3. Take care!
  4. Time Management
  5. Assuming more and more responsibilities
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Sobre el Autor

Gorka Iglesias Toquero