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PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint 2016
4,7 (96 Opiniones) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-403-1203-4
1 edición
Páginas : 241
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Vic Paul.K ★★★★★

These eBooks have been very helpful in my growth and skills development. Especially computer related and Technology / Science, Thanks.

Prof. Tareq Shareef Younus ★★★★★

I recommend this book for professional people every where. It is easy to be followed and understood. Comprehensive and supported by clear constructions for those who has an interest to learn PPT.


This user guide will take you through all the things you need to know when using PowerPoint to create professional presentations.

You will learn how to:

  1. Get around PowerPoint 2016
  2. Add text, tables, pictures, SmartArt, charts and more to your slides
  3. Use the Slide Master to control the way the presentation looks
  4. Add Media – audio and video to your slides
  5. Control slide transition
  6. Add animation to objects
  7. And a whole lot more


  1. First things first
    1. Starting PowerPoint
    2. Windows 10
    3. What is PowerPoint 2016
    4. The PowerPoint 2016 Screen
    5. The Ribbon
    6. The Quick Access Toolbar
    7. Adding icons to the Quick Access Toolbar
    8. Add icons from the Drop-down Menu
    9. Add icons from More Commands
    10. Customising the ribbon
    11. Using the Alt Key
    12. Different views of a presentation
  2. Create a presentation
    1. Creating blank presentations
    2. Creating presentations using a template
    3. Searching for a template
    4. Importing Word document outlines into presentations
  3. Create a blank presentation from scratch
    1. Adding slides
    2. Change the layout of a slide
    3. Adding text
    4. Adding a table
    5. Adding a chart
    6. Add SmartArt
    7. Adding pictures
    8. Adding online pictures
    9. Add video
  4. Format a presentation using slide masters
    1. What are masters?
    2. View the Slide Master
  5. Themes
    1. What is a theme
    2. Layouts
    3. Applying a Slide Master
    4. Making changes to the Slide Master
    5. Adding new layouts
    6. Rename the layout
    7. Modifying existing layouts
    8. Adding/removing background images
    9. Controlling slide numbers
    10. Inserting headers and footers
  6. Modify design themes
    1. Modify theme elements
    2. Background styles
  7. Customize presentation options and views
    1. Changing page setup options
    2. Changing to view in color/grayscale
  8. Navigating using presentation views
    1. In Normal View
    2. Modifying presentation properties
  9. Configure presentations to print or save
    1. Print slides
    2. Print handouts
    3. Printing presentations in grayscale
    4. Create handouts in Microsoft Word
    5. Packaging presentations for CD
    6. Maintaining backward compatibility
  10. Configure and present slideshows
    1. Slide show presentation options
    2. Setting up the slide show
    3. Present online
    4. Rehearsing timing
    5. Record slide show
    6. Configuring slideshow resolution
    7. Using presenter view
    8. Navigating within slideshows
    9. Annotating slideshows
    10. Creating custom slideshows
  11. Working with slides
    1. Duplicating existing slides
    2. Hiding slides
    3. Deleting slides
    4. Modifying Slide Backgrounds
    5. Applying styles to slides
  12. Insert and format shapes
    1. Inserting shapes
    2. Resizing shapes
    3. Applying borders to shapes
    4. Modifying shape backgrounds
    5. Creating custom shapes
    6. Applying pre set styles to shapes
    7. Aligning and ordering shapes
    8. Order shapes
    9. Align shapes
    10. Use smart guides
  13. Order and group slides
    1. Inserting section headers
  14. Insert and format text
    1. Changing text to WordArt
    2. Creating multiple columns in a single shape
    3. Inserting hyperlinks
    4. Applying formatting and styles to text
    5. Creating bulleted and numbered Lists
  15. Insert and format tables
    1. Insert a table from a placeholder
    2. Adding columns and rows in a table
    3. Applying quick styles to a table
    4. Formatting a Table
    5. Insert an Excel Spreadsheet
  16. Insert and format charts
    1. Inserting charts
    2. Modifying chart type
    3. Adding legends to charts
    4. Importing a chart from Excel
  17. Insert and format SmartArt
    1. Insert SmartArt
    2. Adding shapes to SmartArt
    3. Changing color of SmartArt
    4. Moving text within SmartArt shapes
    5. Reversing direction
    6. Converting lists to SmartArt
  18. Insert and format images
    1. Insert pictures from a file on your computer
    2. Resizing images
    3. Cropping images
    4. Applying effects
    5. Applying picture styles
    6. Adding online pictures
    7. Insert an Online Picture
  19. Reuse Slides
    1. Insert slides from a SharePoint library
    2. Reuse slides from another presentation
  20. Insert and format media
    1. Insert video from a file on your computer
    2. Adjusting media window size
    3. Trimming timing on media clips
    4. Setting media options
    5. Add online video
    6. Add a Screen Recording to your presentation
    7. Add audio to the presentation
  21. Apply transitions between slides
    1. Inserting transitions between slides
  22. Animate slide content
    1. Applying animations to shapes
    2. Applying animations to text
    3. Adding paths to animations
    4. Modifying animation options
    5. Reordering animations
    6. Using the Animation Pane
  23. Merge content from multiple presentations and track changes
    1. Save a copy of the presentation to a shared location such as a SharePoint site
    2. Comparing multiple presentations
  24. Protect and share presentations
    1. Encrypting presentations with a password
    2. Proofing presentations
    3. Inking
    4. Marking as final
  25. Preparing to finalise the presentation
    1. Compressing and Optimising media
    2. Embedding fonts
    3. Inspecting your presentation and removing metadata
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