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Microsoft Project 2013 Essentials

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In this eBook about Microsoft Project 2013, you will learn how to add tasks, create a schedule and add people and resources, plus track the project once started.
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This eBook about Microsoft Project 2013 will take you through all the features you need to know in order to create a project. You will learn how to add tasks, create a schedule and add people and resources, plus track the project once started.

You will also learn:

  • How to set up a project from scratch
  • The four things you must do before you add any tasks to a project
  • Add tasks, durations and adjust settings
  • The difference between Manual and Automatic tasks
  • How to add and schedule resources
  • Track a project once it starts
  1. Getting Help in Microsoft Project 2013
  2. What is Microsoft Project 2013 ?
  3. The Project Screen
  4. What’s New in Microsoft Project 2013 ?
  5. The Ribbon
    1. The Task Ribbon
    2. The Backstage View
  6. Settings
    1. Tools – Options Now Backstage
  7. Setting the Project Options for your Project in Microsoft Project 2013
    1. Set a Start Date or a Finish Date for the Project
    2. Setting Public Holidays
  8. Default Duration
    1. Changing the Default Duration
    2. Task Options
  9. Tasks
    1. Entering a task name and duration
  10. Selecting Parts of the Screen
  11. Outlining
    1. What is Outlining
    2. Saving Projects
    3. Adding Notes to a Task
    4. Creating Hyperlinks to other documents
  12. Creating the Schedule
    1. Creating Links between tasks – When Automatically Scheduled
    2. Changing the Link type
    3. Creating Links between Tasks that are Manually Scheduled
    4. Zooming
    5. The Timeline
    6. Lag and Lead
    7. Recurring Tasks
    8. Splitting Tasks
  13. Creating and Assigning Resources
    1. Creating Resources
    2. The View Ribbon – Resource Views
    3. Creating a Material Resource
    4. Setting Resource Availability
    5. Setting Individual Resource Holidays
    6. Task Durations and Resources
    7. Assigning resources to tasks
    8. The Team Planner View
    9. Filtering your project
    10. Grouping your Tasks
    11. Grouping Resources
    12. Emailing Resources
    13. Create a new Working Time Calendar
  14. The Calendar View
    1. Switching to Calendar View
    2. Setting the Time Period
    3. To Show a Weekly View
    4. Customise the TimeScale
    5. Show a Five Day Work Week
    6. Format the Time Scale
    7. Layout Tasks
    8. Showing Resource Tasks in the calendar
  15. Bringing it all together
    1. How to plan a project
  16. Evaluate your Schedule
    1. What should I check?
    2. How can Microsoft Project 2013 help me meet my deadline?
  17. The Critical Path
    1. What is the Critical Path?
    2. What are the benefits of seeing the Critical Path?
    3. Display the Critical Path
    4. Format the Gantt chart to display the Critical Path
    5. Filter for Critical Tasks
    6. The Tracking Gantt
    7. Format Text Styles to show the Critical Path
    8. Slack
    9. Tightening the Critical Path
    10. Combined Views
    11. Over Allocation
    12. Team Planner View
    13. Constraints and Deadlines
    14. What is a Deadline?
  18. Your Project is now ready to go
    1. Set the Baseline
    2. Make the changes
    3. Update the Project to Reflect Progress
  19. Rescheduling Incomplete Work
    1. What is meant by rescheduling?
    2. Comparing with the Baseline
    3. Interim Plans
  20. Formatting the Gantt chart
    1. Changing the colours of the Gantt chart
    2. Format the Bar Styles
    3. Format Bar Text
    4. Adding a Project Summary Task
    5. Summary Tasks
    6. Outline Numbers
    7. Formatting Non-Working times in the Gantt chart
    8. Format the Current Date
    9. Format the Status Date
    10. Format Text Styles in the Table
  21. Templates
    1. What advantages are there to creating a template?
    2. Copying a picture of a Project into another program
  22. Printing and Reports
    1. To Preview how your Project will print
    2. To print the Gantt chart
    3. Updating the Legend
    4. Printing the Calendar
    5. How to Customise the Ribbon
    6. To add a page break
  23. Reports
    1. What benefits do I gain by creating a Report?
  24. Appendices
    1. Working with more than one project
    2. Elapsed Time
    3. Costs
  25. Glossary
About the Author

Shelley Fishel

Shelley Fishel is the owner and founder of tomorrow's VA - an online training portal with courses in Microsoft Office. Shelley has been teaching Microsoft Office for over 20 years both in the classroom and online. A Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, Shelley holds the Certified Online Learning Facilitator - COLF qualification and the Certified Designer of Online Learning - CDOL both from The Learning and Performance Institute.

Prior to setting up tomorrow's VA , Shelley ran The IT Training Surgery, a face to face training company which she sold in January 2019.

With several titles on Bookboon, Shelley spends time learning new features of each release of Office and creating training courses and books.

Shelley loves to simplify a process and help her students become more productive when using Microsoft Office. 

You can find Shelley's courses at and follow her blog there  - a weekly tip on Microsoft Office.

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