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Long-Term Assets

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This book is the third of seven books which introduces the basic principles of accounting.
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This book is the third of seven books which introduces the basic principles of accounting. This book focuses on investments intended to be held for greater than one year. It introduces accounting for investments (available for sale, trading, and held to maturity), as well as, special accounting for certain long-term investments. Readers will learn the accounting for property, plant, and equipment, and depreciation methodology and terminology. Accounting for the disposal of property, plant, and equipment, asset exchanges, impairments, natural resource accounting and depletion concepts are also presented in this book.

  1. Part 1. Long-Term Investments
  2. Intent-Based Accounting
    1. The Fair Value Measurement Option
  3. Available for Sale Securities
    1. Other Comprehensive Income
    2. An Illustration
    3. Alternative: A Valuation Adjustments Account
    4. Dividends and Interest
    5. The Balance Sheet Appearance
  4. Held to Maturity Securities
    1. The Issue Price
    2. Recording the Initial Investments
    3. Illustration of Bonds Purchased at Par
    4. Illustration of Bonds Purchased at a Premium
    5. Illustration of Bonds Purchased at a Discount
  5. The Equity Method of Accounting
  6. Investments Requiring Consolidation
    1. Economic Entity Concept and Control
    2. Accounting Issues
    3. Goodwill
    4. The Consolidated Balance Sheet
    5. The Consolidated Income Statement
  7. Part 2. Property, Plant and Equipment
  8. What Costs are Included in Property, Plant and Equipment
    1. Cost to Assign to Items of Property, Plant and Equipment
    2. Interest Cost
    3. Training Costs
    4. A Distinction Between Land and Land Improvements
    5. Lump-Sum Acquisitions
    6. Professional Judgment
    7. Materiality Considerations
  9. Equipment Leases
  10. Service Life and Cost Allocation
  11. Depreciation Methodology
    1. Many Methods
    2. Some Important Terminology
  12. The Straight-Line Method
    1. Fractional Period Depreciation
    2. Spreadsheet Software
  13. The Units-of-Output Method
  14. The Double-Declining Balance Method
    1. Spreadsheet Software
    2. Fractional Period Depreciation
    3. Alternatives to DDB
  15. The Sum-of-the-Years’-Digits Method
    1. Spreadsheet Software
    2. Fractional Period Depreciation
    3. Changes in Estimates
  16. Tax Laws
  17. Advanced PP&E Issues/ Natural Resources/Intangibles
  18. PP&E Costs Subsequent to Asset Acquisition
    1. Restoration and Improvement
  19. Disposal of PP&E
  20. Accounting for Asset Exchanges
    1. Commercial Substance
    2. Recording the Initial Investments
    3. Boot
    4. Exchanges Lacking Commercial Substance
  21. Assets Impairment
    1. Taking a “Big Bath”
  22. Natural Resources
    1. Depletion Calculations
    2. Equipment Used to Extract Natural Resources
  23. Intangibles
    1. An Amortization Example
    2. An Impairment Example
    3. Some Specific Intangibles
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