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LinkedIn: 40 fast facts and fixes

LinkedIn: 40 fast facts and fixes
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Anónimo ★★★★★

It provides a quick and clear overview how to... with LinkedIn. I found it very helpful.


Harnesses the power of LinkedIn to advance your career and business interests. LinkedIn offers a purely business network allowing other professionals review your talents, skills, employment history and network. With a global membership of over 500 million it is a great way to make business connections online, and expand your professional network. This E-book is written to help you to develop your professional online presence, with ideas on how to create a stunning profile, and facts and fixes to grow your network and strengthen business relationships.

About the author

Jane is a professional coach and writer and has her own company Knowboundaries. Her writing career began when she joined the creative team of Explorer Publishing. before that her background was in corporate international finance. She holds a BSc Psychology, a diploma in coach counselling and is a qualified Equine Assisted Coach. She lives in the Netherlands and is married with one daughter.


  1. Setting Up A Great Profile 
    1. Fix 1 – before we begin let’s keep our activity secret! 
    2. Fix 2 – what do people see when they find you on LinkedIn? 
    3. Fix 3 – get a great profile photo! 
    4. Fix 4 – use all the free promotional space 
    5. Fix 5 – your professional headline goes further than LinkedIn 
    6. Fix 6 – think about your summary 
    7. Fix 7 – your work experience is unique 
    8. Fix 8 – add rich media to your profile 
    9. Fix 9 – add a new profile section 
    10. Fix 10 – edit your public profile
    11. Fix 11 – add a profile in another language 
    12. Fix 12 – recommendations 
    13. Fix 13 – request a recommendation: recommendation someone 
    14. Fix 14 – featured skills and endorsements 
  2. Connecting and Expanding your Network 
    1. Fix 15 – networking on LinkedIn 
    2. Fix 16 – invitations to connect 
    3. Fix 17 – the best way to connect 
    4. Fix 18 – new sections mean new connections 
    5. Fix 19 – engagement, strengthening relationships 
    6. Fix 20 – How far does your engagement reach? 
  3. Strengthening Network Relationships 
    1. Fix 21 – status updates 
    2. Fix 22 – writing articles for LinkedIn 
    3. Fix 23 – add a hashtag to your drafted article 
    4. Fix 24 – give the heads up to LinkedInEditors 
    5. Fix 25 – Checking your statistics? 
    6. Fix 26 – you don’t just have to share written articles 
    7. Fix 27 – how to find groups that work for you 
  4. Search LinkedIn for your Next Great Role 
    1. Fix 28 – How do you use LinkedIn to find a job? 
    2. Fix 29 – use the jobs page layout to your advantage 
    3. Fix 30 – create a Job Search Alert 
    4. Fix 31 – viewing profiles in private mode 
    5. Fix 32 – give a private signal to recruiters 
    6. Fix 33 – using the search function for jobs 
    7. Fix 34 – LinkedIn’s new messaging feature 
    8. Fix 35 – structuring your people search 
    9. Fix 36 – steps to take when you get a new job 
    10. Fix 37 – take a premium account 
  5. More Benefits of the LInkedIn Platform 
    1. Fix 38 – LinkedIn is not just for job seekers 
    2. Fix 39 – LinkedIn is for small businesses too 
    3. Fix 40 – profinder 
  6. Final Words 

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