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Investment Management: Intermediate Level

Part 1

Idioma:  English
The presented book provides the terminological and practical basis for further study in depth of the complex investment science.
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The subjects of this book are mainly investments in stocks, bonds, monetary instruments, derivatives, which create the modern investment environment. Special attention is paid to the investment portfolio of securities, index investing and investing in exchange-traded funds. The presented book provides the terminological and practical basis for further study in depth of the complex investment science.

About the Author

Elitsa Petrova is Associate Professor, PhD in the Social, Economic and Legal Sciences area of higher education at the Vasil Levski National Military University, Bulgaria. She is Legal Entity Appointed Representative of the Vasil Levski National Military University, Bulgaria for Horizon 2020 and Departmental Coordinator of Erasmus+ for Logistics of Security Department. She has taught the courses on Fundamentals of Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Conflict Management, Management of Security of Systems, etc. Her research interests are in the field of management, staff motivation, management of security of the systems. She is author of over 120 scientific publications, including monographs, textbooks, studio, over 80 articles and papers in specialized Bulgarian and international scientific journals.

  • Introduction
  1. Investments and investment environment
    1. Investments and participants in the investment environment: households, business sector, government sector, investment intermediaries
    2. Speculation, speculators and government regulation of speculative transactions
  2. Financial and non-financial. Investments investment funds
    1. Financial investments: stocks, debt securities, money instruments, derivative instruments
    2. Non-financial investments: property/real estate, commodities, works of art or other valuable assets
    3. Investment funds
  3. Money market and capital market
    1. Money market: treasury bills, certificates of deposit, commercial papers, promissory notes, bills of exchange and draft, checks, eurodollars, repo agreements
    2. Capital Market: fixed-income capital market – medium-term treasury bonds, long-term treasury bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, mortgage-backed securities; stock market; derivatives market
  • Reference
  • Parts ot the reviews
  • The author
Sobre el Autor

Elitsa Petrova