Introduction to the Service Supply Chain

por Venkatesh Ganapathy
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93 pages
Globalization has resulted in organisations outsourcing services to drive cost efficiencies. There is greater complexity due to competencies distributed across the entire service supply chain network.
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  1. Introduction To Service Supply Chain
  2. Research on Service Supply Chains
  3. A comparison of Manufacturing versus Service Supply Chains
  4. Customer roles in service supply chains
  5. Servitisation
  6. Measuring the performance of servitisation
  7. Service Triads
  8. Service Supply Chain Models
  9. Social capital and service supply chain performance
  10. The future of Service Supply Chains
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Services are characterized by management and supply of information. Information has replaced inventory. Services are being outsourced as organisations prefer focusing on their core activities. Combination of automation and outsourcing has led to the development of virtual service organisations and networks. Service supply chain refers to series of activities conducted to meet the needs of the market. It represents the supply and demand relationship chain among service providers, service intermediaries and customers. Growth in services sector has increased the interest in service supply chains.

About the author

Venkatesh Ganapathy presently works as Associate Professor, Presidency School of Business, Bangalore. He teaches subjects in the domain of marketing, operations and general management. Venkatesh has graduated in oil technology from University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and has earned his management degree from Southern New Hampshire University. He is presently a doctoral research scholar at Alliance University, Bangalore. His interests are in the area of supply chain management, services marketing and retail management. He has published more than 15 research papers so far. Venkatesh is also an avid blogger. Venkatesh has a corporate experience of two decades in organisations like BP- Castrol and Panasonic- Firepro Systems. He has also been a visiting faculty at S P Jain Global Management Institute at their Singapore campus.

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