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Don’t Need to Deal With This With an Unhappy Mind

An Abeceder Quotation Conversation

25m 45s
Idioma:  English
Michael Millward and Lizz Clarke of Logical Creative Marketing discuss a quotation from a Buddhist meditation teacher about how adopting the right mindset can help you deal with any challenge.
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A comment by a Buddhist meditation teacher has influenced how Lizz Clarke runs her family business. She explains to Michael Millward how she has felt empowered to change her approach to dealing with other people. They explore the meaning of being happy. This results in a discussion about how our approach to other people often focuses on making assumptions based on how they are behaving. They explore how by focusing instead on the way we manage our mindset, so that we create happy mindset, we can adapt our reactions to other people and improve our relationships with anyone.

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Michael Millward