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Developing your Inner Coach

Developing your Inner Coach
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ISBN: 978-87-403-1515-8
1 edición
Páginas : 65
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  • Price: 75,50 kr

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Colleen D ★★★★★

Thank you, very insightful :) something I can definitely implement on a daily basis.

Ian Hunter ★★★★★

I found this book very helpful. It has practical tools which are great and you can dip in and out of it depending on what your focus is.


Develop your Inner Coach is a practical and inspiring book, packed with tools and techniques to help you turn your inner critic into a positive partner. Much of it is based on research, and draws on experts and current thinking in neuroscience, social research and positive psychology. This is your chance to change the way you think and start engaging with life and work to fulfil your potential and live the life you want to. You can start to say goodbye to limiting beliefs and say yes to opportunities.


  1. Why do we need an inner coach?
    1. Normalising the voice in your head
    2. Understanding what you fear and why you speak to yourself in a negative manner
    3. Understanding how your core beliefs can hinder your progress
    4. Acknowledging the damage your inner critic can cause to your career and personal development
    5. Theory of Personal Development
    6. Understanding the Benefits of an Inner Coach
  2. Preparing to do some Inner work
    1. Letting go of expectations – yours and other people’s
    2. Practicing Self compassion
    3. Achieving Inner calm
    4. Recognising Patterns and Triggers
    5. Trusting yourself
    6. How your body can help
    7. Creating the right conditions for change to happen
    8. Making Time and Space in a busy world
    9. Increasing your readiness for change
    10. The Importance of Practice
  3. Strategies to Develop Your Inner Coach
    1. Making the decision to listen to your inner coach not your critic
    2. Letting go of the negative voice
    3. Changing how you think to develop more positive thought patterns
    4. Changing your language and communicating confidently
    5. Learning to celebrate your achievements
    6. Using visualisation to focus on being your best possible future self
    7. Jumping off the Hedonic Treadmill
    8. The Art of Gratefulness
    9. Breathing and relaxation techniques to manage anxiety
  4. Sustaining and nourishing your Inner coach
    1. Build in Regular Reviews and Check Ins
    2. Develop a Growth Mindset
    3. Look After Yourself
    4. Express Your Creativity
    5. Trust yourself and your intuition
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