Career Change

Reimagining Your Career at Any Age

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61 pages
Preparing individuals at all levels for the modern realities of the new unconventional workplace.
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Sobre el autor

Lucy Kovalova-Woods: strategist, business development professional, management consultant, mentor for solo-preneurs and individuals who are pursuing change. Co-founder of Woods Kovalova Group, Change Ambassador.

Throughout her career, Lucy has been fortunate to work within differen...


This book is written to prepare individuals at all levels for the modern realities of the new unconventional workplace and moreover to give motivation and strategies to set your goals and achieve them toward the direction you always dreamed.

About authors

Jim Woods and Lucy Kovalova-Woods are corporate and personal placement and recruitment experts with over 30 years of experience in helping improve the quality of life for people everywhere.

They are co-founders of Woods Kovalova Group located in Denver, CO. They enable people to change massively in a short period of time in remarkable ways that transform their lives, their family’s and society.

  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  1. Starting Point. Normal Is Over
  2. Preparation. New Normal
  3. Get Out of Your Head
  4. Support System Built Within
  5. First Steps After You Decided to Change
  6. Your Journey – Every Step Matters
  7. Stop Undermining Yourself
  8. Your Persona, Your Brand
  9. Interviews. Appearances. New You
  10. Flawless and Smooth Transition
  11. Conclusion
  • Appendices
  • References