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Your Wellbeing and Productivity

How to Master Personal & Professional Happiness & Success

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Ready to achieve your goals, set targets, and fine tune your mind for success? Well this book is dedicated to mastering your personal and professional well-being, productivity and happiness!
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This book is dedicated to you, professionally and personally.In this fast paced world, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the rollercoaster of daily life. We often forget to take a moment to reflect, feel and explore how we can develop as individuals...well this book is here to give you this space!In these chapters you will have the opportunity to try new tools and techniques, to explore your well-being, productivity and happiness and to learn how to maximise your potential and take your personal and professional self to the next level!The question is, are you ready?

About the Author

Kathy is a UK based Personal Development and Communication Coach, with over 12 years of performance and professional experience.Kathy’s background in theatre as an actor and voice coach paved the way for her public speaking career, and after studying neuro linguistic programming and coaching, these skills created the perfect springboard into the world of personal development.Kathy currently works helping business owners, entrepreneurs & leaders break their professional and personal barriers in order to maximise performance and reach their full potential!

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  • Authors Note
  1. Success
    1. What is Success?
    2. Your Values
    3. Separate the Business and Personal
    4. Utilise the Information
    5. A Final Note on Values
  2. The Wheel of Life
    1. Your Wheel
    2. Satisfaction Scale
  3. Your Goals
    1. Outcome Checker
    2. Expand It Out
    3. Your Resources
    4. The Pre-Mortem
  4. The Negativity Bias
    1. It’s Evolution
    2. Fight the Tiger
    3. Out of your Comfort Zone
    4. Look Who’s Talking?
    5. Anchoring the Positive
    6. Projection is Perception
    7. Moving Boxes
  5. Mindset
    1. Fixed Mind
    2. Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  6. Grande Finale (aka Conclusion)
About the Author

Kathy Brooke