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Your Marketing Strategy

The Intr@preneur’s® Guide to Marketing Strategy

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How to plan, document, automate & execute your MarTech Stack.
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The covid pandemic has drastically affected the global economy and forced many industries and sectors to collapse, thousands of businesses to close their doors and for millions of employees, entrepreneurs, and individuals to plan, document, automate and execute their MarTech Stack for 2022 and beyond. Allow this book to gently introduce you to key elements of a successful MarTech Stack to help prepare you get on point, on form and on fire to succeed online.

About the Author

Fraser Hay is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, marketing consultant and coach and founder of

His pragmatic and practical approach to identifying and addressing marketing and entrepreneurial challenges has enabled owners, managers, and founders from over 40 countries around the globe to start and grow their business.

A professional keynote speaker who has presented on 3 continents, Fraser shares his 20 years of wisdom to help readers to identify and pursue and achieve their goals and objectives.

  • About The Author
  • Introduction
  1. Situation Analysis
    1. Achievements
    2. Disappointments
    3. What Have You Learned?
    4. What Will You Do Differently in The Future?
    5. Social Media Authority
    6. Vision, Mission & Values
    7. Priority Areas of Concern – Your Market
    8. Priority Areas of Concern – Business Model
    9. Priority Areas of Concern – Customer Journey
    10. Priority Areas of Concern – AdTech & Promotion
    11. Priority Areas of Concern – Content & Experience
    12. Priority Areas of Concern – Social & Relationships Online
    13. Priority Areas of Concern – Sales & Commerce
    14. Priority Areas of Concern – Data
    15. Priority Areas of Concern – Management
  2. Positioning
    1. Customer Avatar
    2. Value
    3. Competitive Advantage & USP
    4. Competitor’s Analysis
    5. Niche Congregations
    6. Benefits
    7. Mitigating Risk
  3. Packaging
    1. Marketing Message
    2. Brand Awareness
    3. Brand Positioning
    4. Brand Promise & Traits
    5. Brand Quality & Loyalty
    6. Marketing Collateral
    7. Video Collateral
    8. Content Strategy
    9. Posting Schedule
    10. SEO Research & Optimisation
    11. Blogging
    12. Ad creative
    13. Social Networking Profiles
    14. Webinars & Live Streaming
  4. Promotion
    1. Social Media Platforms
    2. Social Media Tactics
    3. Offline Marketing Tactics
    4. Mobile Marketing Tactics
    5. Video Marketing Tactics
    6. Keep-in-Touch Tactics
    7. Public Relations Tactics
    8. Advocates & Referral Marketing
    9. Advertising Platforms
    10. Promotional Calendar & Scheduling System
  5. Persuasion & Journey
    1. Funnel Elements
    2. Workflow Design
    3. Customer Journey
  6. MarTech Stack
    1. AdTech & Promotion
    2. Content & Experience
    3. Social & Experience
    4. Sales & Commerce
    5. Data
    6. Management
  7. Performance
  8. Implementation
  • One Last Thing…

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