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Your Future: From dream to reality

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Be empowered to achieve your goals and live your dreams. This book explains how to take control of your own destiny become responsible for what happens in your life.
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This book is for everyone who wants take responsibility for their life rather than letting life happen to them. For business owners who believe that their business is not going in the direction they want; for those who want to harness the positive energy generated from the fear of beginning something new; for those who feel trapped in their current job just because it pays the bills; for those who think they lack the confidence to live their dream.

Taking you step by step though the process to achieving your goal, you will be shown how to formulate your wishes and plans clearly. From working out what you truly want to achieve; making an action plan; taking action to achieve the milestones in the action plan; and maintaining the motivation to complete the goal on your terms, each stage is designed to stimulate your thought processes and help you move forward.

By following the process outlined in this book you will soon feel it is possible to achieve your goals and live your dreams.

  1. The why?
  2. The importance of goals
  3. The mistakes people make
  4. My life today
  5. Inspirational goal setting
  6. My wish list
  7. When I only know what I don’t want!
  8. Visualise the goal
  9. Write that goal
  10. What if I don’t get my goal?
  11. Make my dream reality
  12. What to do on achieving your goal
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Jane Stephenson


Anne Galloway