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Writing to Impress, Influence and Inspire

How To Write To Achieve Your Aims

Language:  English
If you’re struggling to express your thoughts, explain your ideas, and sell your vision, Writing to Impress, Influence and Inspire will help you make a mark with your words.
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Clear, concise and compelling writing is critical for success in business, leisure, and life.This book will show you how to write a report, presentation, email or even social media post which achieves your aims, and does so effectively, efficiently and stylishly. From your start to ending and the narrative in between, along with tricks to ensure your words make a mark and are remembered, Writing to Impress, Influence and Inspire will help you win arguments, get your ideas adopted, and get on in the world.

About the Author

Simon Hall is a Course Leader at the University of Cambridge, runs his own business communication agency, Creative Warehouse, and is a journalist, author, and business coach.

He teaches communication, media, business, writing, presentation, storytelling, and public relations skills at Cambridge, along with universities across England, for government departments, and companies.

Simon has a series of books on communication published, including - public speaking and presentations - writing blogs - how to secure media coverage - and leadership communication - along with eight thriller novels.

  • Writing to Impress, Influence and Inspire
  1. Starting With Style
  2. Fantastic Finales
  3. Narrative Structure
  4. Making Your Messages Memorable
  5. Compelling Character
  6. The Beauty of Brevity
  7. The Triumph of Titles
  8. Tricks of the Trade
  • Conclusion

Learn how to write clear and compelling titles. Practice writing concise and informative content. Include everyone in your audience with inclusive language. Tell stories in your writing to connect with readers and make your points stick.

About the Author

Simon Hall