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'Workolution' analyses the massive changes in the global workplace in the past 30 years and envisions future trends. Those changes include a generational shift; new work technologies; and the pandemic
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"Workolution" analyses the far-reaching changes which have taken place in the global work environment in the past 30 years and gives an insight into those which will affect the working world in the future. The changes described include generational changes; technology in the workplace; and the pandemic, with the ensuing home- then hybrid- working model. The book gives an insight into how to manage these profound changes and how to be a talent winner in a time of change. This insight will help leaders within all organisations who are looking to think deeply and gain a competitive talent advantage.

About the Author

Jonathan Bond worked as the Director of HR & Learning in a growing global law firm for over 15 years, having previously worked in the banking sector, where he specialised in HR and communication. He is an expert in developing people strategies, advising and coaching leaders, as well as designing and delivering learning and development programmes. In his most recent role, he led a global team of 170 HR experts across 28 offices in 23 countries and won multiple awards as an HR Director and for diversity & inclusion. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Learning From the Past
    1. The workplace of the 1980s
    2. The time machine
    3. Summary
  2. Time-Saving and Time-Wasting Technology
    1. The phases of technological change
    2. Technology Ted
    3. Summary
  3. Workplace Demands of Generation Z
    1. Jobs for life
    2. Technology changing behaviour
    3. Gen Z attitudes in the legal sector
    4. Modern graduate demands
    5. Cynicism and its causes
    6. Compensation
    7. Summary
  4. Lockdown Learning
    1. Dawn of the pandemic
    2. Upsides of the pandemic
    3. Leadership attitudes towards home working
    4. Varied employee preferences re: home working
    5. Conclusions of the pandemic experiment
    6. Summary
  5. Workplace of the Future
    1. Introduction
    2. Job diffusion
    3. Artificial intelligence
    4. A new employment model
    5. The decline of the sweatshop
    6. Summary
  6. Leading in the Workolution
    1. Examples of poor leadership
    2. Leading well in the Workolution
    3. Summary
  7. Winning in the Workolution
    1. Introduction
    2. Workolution worst practice - Larry the loser
    3. Best practice - William the winner
    • Conclusion
About the Author

Jonathan Bond