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Working with SharePoint Online

Key Business Features of the Most Used Collaboration Tool

Language:  English
This book provides practical guidance on setting up a secure environment for collaboration using Microsoft 365 applications and services, irrespective of the reader’s skill level or background in IT.
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Working in a secure collaboration environment is much more important than ever before. Many organisations allow their staff to work from home remotely, and collaborating online has become critical for all businesses. This book explains how SharePoint online allows to set up a secure collaboration environment from scratch to the production level. Microsoft 365 is kept up to date regularly, and new features are being released all the time; this book covers the latest developments and it completely up to date as at its publication date.

About the Author

This eBook is written by Nipuna Weerasinghe, who has been working in the IT industry for more than 15 years and is a Microsoft Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert in Microsoft 365. He is passionate about keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies, translating these into customer solutions to assist in creating modern digital workplaces through Microsoft 365 implementations and migrations. Nipuna’s wide ranging expertise encompasses commercial, government, health, education, and not-for-profit organisations.

  • Author Biography
  • Overview
  1. Overview of Microsoft 365
    1. What is Microsoft 365?
    2. Microsoft 365 main components
    3. Office 365 vs Microsoft 365 services comparison
    4. Licensing
    5. Signing into Microsoft 365
    6. Microsoft 365 Admin Center
    7. Microsoft 365 User portal
  2. Introduction to SharePoint Online
    1. What is SharePoint Online?
    2. Overview of SharePoint Online architecture
    3. Navigate to the SharePoint home page
    4. What is a Team site?
    5. What is a Communication site?
    6. What is a Hub site?
    7. Viewing site contents
    8. Viewing site Information and settings
    9. Checking site permission
    10. Searching content
  3. Working with SharePoint Online Modern sites
    1. Changing look and feel
    2. Adding site pages
    3. Save, publish, and undo page changes
    4. Editing the Page Title
    5. Adding and Editing the Page section
    6. Modifying the navigation
    7. Modifying site permissions
    8. Creating custom permission levels
    9. Creating custom group
    10. Adding a subsite
  4. Working with SharePoint Document Library
    1. What is a document library?
    2. Creating a document library
    3. Creating a new document in a document library
    4. Uploading documents to a library
    5. Deleting documents
    6. Restoring deleted documents
    7. Viewing and editing documents
    8. Reviewing documents
    9. Downloading documents
    10. Moving documents
    11. Document version settings
    12. Sharing documents
    13. Adding columns
    14. Adding alerts
    15. Co-authoring documents
    16. Sync a document library
    17. Add a shortcut to OneDrive
    18. Customize library forms using Power Apps
    19. Creating a flow using Power Automate
    20. Creating custom views
    21. Editing library permissions
    22. Using library settings
  5. Working with a SharePoint List
    1. What is a SharePoint list?
    2. Creating a SharePoint list
    3. Adding columns
    4. Adding and Editing an Item to a list
    5. Deleting an Item
    6. Share a list
    7. Share a selected item
    8. Export list items to excel
    9. Adding alerts
    10. Creating a flow using Power Automate
    11. Creating a custom list view
    12. Editing list permissions
    13. Using list settings
  6. Term Store and Content Types in SharePoint Online
    1. What is a term store?
    2. Creating term Set and Terms
    3. Create a Term in a Term Set
    4. Creating managed metadata site column
    5. What is a content type?
    6. Creating content types
    7. Adding a content type to the list and library
    8. Using the content type to create a document
  7. SharePoint Online Administrator Portal
    1. What is the SharePoint Administrators center?
    2. Creating SharePoint site
    3. Team site without Microsoft 365 group
    4. Edit site permissions
    5. Register as a hub site
    6. Associate with a hub site
    7. Change sharing settings
    8. Managing the site storage
  8. OneDrive for Business
    1. What is OneDrive for business?
    2. Creating folders
    3. Uploading files to OneDrive for business
    4. Synchronize files and folders
    5. Sharing files and folders
    6. OneDrive recycle bin
About the Author

Nipuna Weerasinghe