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Working from Home and Emotional Resilience

Language:  English
This short business book introduces the concepts and ideas around emotional resilience, in the context of working from home.
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This business book acts as a guide to emotional resilience especially when people work from home and face challenges like burnout, long exposures to online meetings and so on. This book also showcases different tools and techniques that people can use to enhance their emotional intelligence while working from home and managing their work and their respective teams. This book will help the readers in being better equipped in handling and managing their emotions.

About the Author

Sandeep Kulshrestha is a Positive Psychology practitioner, Human Resources Consultant and the founder of International Institute of Positive Psychology, based out of Hyderabad, India. Sandeep has extensive experience as a Human Resources specialist, having headed the HR function in the Hospitality, Nonprofit and Information Technology organisations. Sandeep is trained in Human Resources, Finance, Psychology and Artificial Intelligence at Masters’ degree level.

  • Preface
  1. Human Emotions and the new world of “work from home”
    1. Emotions and how we relate to them
    2. Reflections on Emotions
    3. The Working from Home (WFH) paradigm
  2. What are emotions and how they affect us?
    1. Positive Psychology and emotions
    2. Effect of negative emotions on our lives
  3. Being emotionally resilient
    1. Some Interventions for becoming resilient
  4. Working from Home – the Emotional Challenges
    1. Redefining the triggers of our emotions
    2. The common emotional challenges while working from home
    3. Creating better mental health for the virtual office
  5. Tools to build and reinforce emotional resilience
    1. Using Emotional Intelligence
    2. Facilitating positive online meetings
    3. Practicing Mindfulness
    4. Trade off between negative and positive emotions
    5. Play your character Strengths
  • Bibliography
About the Author

Sandeep Kulshrestha