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Working Abroad: European Perspectives

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Traditionally, emigration was a lifelong commitment to settle in a land far away for a chance of a better life.
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Traditionally, emigration was a lifelong commitment to settle in a land far away for a chance of a better life. These days, there are as many reasons as there are individuals. Whether love, money, opportunity, adventure or career move, the actual step of packing up your belongings and moving abroad, to survive in a different culture, requires a solid dose of courage and at least as much preparation. This book is a very sensible concise guide aimed at European nationals who want to abroad. The book is admirably clear in addressing the issues that arise when moving abroad.

  1. Introduction
    1. Who Should Read This Book
    2. What This Book Provides
    3. The Basics of Free Movement in Europe
  2. Before You Leave
    1. Basic Understanding of Culture and Language
    2. Taxes and Social Security
    3. Frontier Workers
    4. Medical
    5. Other
  3. Required Documentation
    1. Identification and Permits
    2. Additional Work Documentation
    3. Dual Nationality
    4. Voting Abroad
  4. Upon Arrival
    1. Administrative
    2. Housing
    3. Notes on Moving and Shipping
  5. Culture Shock
  6. Job Search
    1. Type of Work
    2. Searching for Work
    3. The Foreign Job Application
  7. Financial
    1. Banks and Payment Systems
    2. Insurance
    3. Retirement
  8. Family
    1. Spouses and Partners
    2. Children
    3. Wills or Testaments
    4. Death Abroad
  9. Return
    1. Voluntary Return, Foreseen and Unforeseen
    2. Evacuation
  10. Miscellaneous
    1. Equal Rights Abroad
    2. Pets
    3. Illegal Souvenirs
    4. Assistance Abroad

About the Author

August G. Minke

August G. Minke, Esq. holds degrees of Masters in Law (LL.M.) from Universiteit Utrecht in the Netherlands and from Pace University in White Plains, USA, where he also obtained a Certificate in International Law. Of Dutch and Belgian descent he grew up both in the Netherlands and in Belgium, as well as in Indonesia. In addition to his consulting, Mr. Minke has lectured on cross-cultural aspects of conducting business and occasionally serves as a resource for expatriate cross-cultural trainings for companies such as Berlitz. He is the author of a Dutch book on working abroad titled “Werken in het Buitenland”, ISBN 978-87-7061-084-3. (

Mr. Minke is an independent advisor to European companies establishing presence in the United States and also works with U.S. law firms involved in international litigation with European parties or aspects. He has worked as a corporate lawyer and business manager in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and briefly worked for the Dutch immigration services, before moving to the United States. Initially based in New York City currently operates from Newport Beach, California.