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Word 2019

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This book about Microsoft Word 2019 shows you how to use the many different features of Microsoft Word in your day to day work. Word 2019 is part of the Office 2019 suite of programs.
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Word 2019 is a Word Processing program and is part of the Office 2019 suite of programs. You can install it on one machine be that Windows or Mac. In this book I show you how to make the best use of Microsoft Word 2019 for creating and editing documents. You will learn about many tools that you perhaps were not aware of and these tools will make your document creation easier and more pleasurable. You will learn about Styles, Table of Contents, Formatting, Tables, Pictures, Tracking Changes and Protecting your documents. Plus a whole lot more.

About the author

Shelley Fishel is the author of 10 other Microsoft Office books on BookboonShelley is an IT Trainer with 20 years’ experience of delivering Microsoft Office training both in the classroom and virtually. Shelley holds COLF and CDOL certification from The Learning and Performance Institute of which she is a Fellow. COLF stands for Certified Online Learning Facilitator CDOL stands for Certified Designer of Online LearningShelley loves simplifying a process and enabling her students to get more done in less time.

  1. Author Biography
  2. What is Office 2019?
    1. The Content of this Book
  3. The Word 2016 Interface
    1. The Home Ribbon
    2. The Insert Ribbon
    3. The Draw Ribbon
    4. The Design Ribbon
    5. The Layout Ribbon
    6. The References Ribbon
    7. The Mailings Ribbon
    8. The Review Ribbon
    9. The View Ribbon
    10. The Developer Ribbon
  4. Backstage View
    1. The Info Tab
    2. The New Tab
    3. The Open Tab
    4. The Save and Save As Tab
    5. The Print Tab
    6. The Share Tab
    7. The Export Tab
    8. The Close Option
    9. The Account Tab
    10. The Feedback Tab
    11. The Options Tab
  5. Setting up the Document
    1. Margins and Paper Size
  6. Formatting
    1. The Font Group (1)
    2. The Paragraph Group (2)
  7. Styles
    1. Where Can I Find Styles?
    2. Modifying a Style
    3. Format Painter
    4. Cut Copy and Paste
  8. Headers and Footers
    1. To Insert a Header
    2. Page Numbering
    3. The Insert Group on the Header and Footer Ribbon
  9. Templates
    1. Start a new document based on a template
    2. Create a template
    3. Modify a template
  10. Quick Parts
    1. Auto Text
    2. Document Properties
    3. Fields
  11. Building Blocks
    1. Cover Pages
  12. Page Breaks
    1. Working with Page Breaks
  13. Section Breaks
    1. Types of Section Break
    2. Different Formatting for Different Sections
    3. Different Headers or Footers for Different Sections
  14. References
    1. Table of Contents
  15. Footnotes and Endnotes
    1. Add a footnote
    2. Add an Endnote
  16. Smart Lookup
  17. Citation and Bibliography
    1. Add a Citation to your document
    2. Create a Bibliography
    3. Add a New Citation and Source to a Document
    4. Assemble a Bibliography
  18. Index
    1. Add an Index Placeholder
  19. Images
    1. Where Do My Pictures Come From?
    2. Insert a Picture
    3. Picture Corrections
    4. Format Picture with the Task Pane
  20. Adding Shapes
    1. Adding a Shape
  21. Adding Smart Art
    1. Different Kinds of SmartArt
    2. Adding a Process Chart
    3. Create a Hierarchy or Organisation Chart
  22. Adding a Chart
    1. To Add a Chart
    2. Insert Online Pictures
    3. Insert Icons
    4. 3D Models
  23. Adding a Screenshot
  24. Adding Online Video
  25. Hyperlink
    1. Insert a Hyperlink
    2. Edit or Remove a Hyperlink
    1. Add a Bookmark
  27. Cross Reference
    1. Update the Cross-Reference Field
    2. To Ensure that All Fields in your Document are Updated Before Printing
  28. Tables
    1. Adding and Modifying a Table
    2. Table Design
    3. Add Borders and Shading to a Table
  29. Mailings
    1. What Makes up a Mail Merge?
    2. The Data Source or List
    3. The Source Document
    4. The Merge
    5. Mail Merge from an Excel List
    6. The Ask Field
    7. Create Mailing Labels
    8. Create a Directory
    9. Mail Merge Email Messages from Outlook Contacts
    10. Envelopes and Labels
    11. Envelopes
    12. Labels
  30. Reviewing your Document
    1. Spelling and Grammar
    2. Spell Checker Limitations
    3. Proofing Settings
    4. Check Accessibility
    5. The Language Group
    6. Translator
  31. Track Changes
    1. Set up Track Changes
    2. Document Inspector
    3. Compare
    4. Protect Documents
  32. Different Views of your Document
    1. Read Mode
    2. Print Layout
    3. Web Layout View
    4. Outline View
    5. Draft View
  33. Draw or Write in your Document
    1. Change Pen
  34. OneNote
    1. Linked Notes
  35. Customisation and Options
    1. Customising the Ribbon
  36. Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. The ALT Key
    2. Word Options
  37. Navigation Options
  38. Find and Replace
    1. Find
    2. Find and Replace
    3. Find More
  39. Common Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Index
About the Author

Shelley Fishel