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Will I Lose My Job To AI?

Are You Anxious About AI? Find A Better Perspective Here

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It’s normal to be worried about AI taking your job. The rapid rate of change is enough to make anyone worry! Experienced HR transformation consultant Carla Serra gives us her informed perspective.
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Preparing for a World of Constant Change is something that we all need to take responsibility for in our lives. Futturwork is a HR Transformation consultancy, working with clients to align Strategy to HR Technology revamping roadmaps and delivering truly engaging employee experience. In this interview, Carla Serra shares statistics and her informed opinion on the future of work and why you should not panic! Change is normal, change is ubiquitous in life and in particular in the working environment. You need to personally take control of your continued professional development so you can ensure that you are not replaced by technology any time soon! Do not miss this important conversation.

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